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Jul 18, 2008 04:42 PM

Dinner near Providence Piers

In case you haven't heard of Providence Piers (one family member in RI had, one hadn't) it's at 200 Atwells Ave in Providence. Looking for someplace to eat tomorrow night not more than 10 or 15 min away (even with pre-waterfire traffic). I know there are a ton of great places downtown - but with the Saturday night, waterfire crowds - wondering what else might be out there. (Dropping teens at a 4:30 concert at the Piers, looking for place to eat while they are there till 7:30 or so).

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  1. Providence Piers is on Allens, not Atwells Ave. The two avenues could not be more different. Allens is an industrial zone, with some strip clubs mixed in. There is nothing resembling fine dining within walking distance. Atwells is the main drag for Federal Hill is chock full of restaurants.

    In terms of options relatively close that aren't overrun with Waterfire folks: the Jewelry District (CAV), west side (Broadway Bistro, Julians or the new place in the Italo-American Club) or Pawutext village (Aruntothai)