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Jul 18, 2008 03:54 PM

Casual UWS Brunch, 6ppl + baby

Any Upper West Side Sunday brunch suggestions for 6 people and a baby? We'd rather not make reservations. <$25 per person preferred. Thanks.

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  1. Arte Cafe might be a good choice. Casual, nice and food is decent for a reasonable price.

    1. Neptune Room, Sarabeth's, and Nice Matin are all fine options with the capacity for a group of your size.

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      1. re: cimui

        I definitely think that Sarabeths can accommodate you. Great omelets and their lemon pancakes are delicious!

      2. Would go with Neptune Room. Most of the brunch places on the UWS don't take reservations and they do, so I would make one...the rest of the places in the neighborhood are a lot more crowded and you'll wait a long time for a table of 6. Plus Neptune has good brunch food....

        1. Nonna, Zeytin or Bistro Citron on Columbus in the low 80's