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Jul 18, 2008 03:40 PM

Looking for vegetarian in and around Chelmsford/Lowell

We've got some friends visiting next weekend from out of town and one of them cannot eat meat. We'd like to take them out for some good vegetarian food. Does anybody have any recommendations in the Chelmsford/Lowell area? It doesn't have to be completely vegetarian, but we'd like some place that does vegetarian well.


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  1. All the Vietnamese pho places have veg options--Pho 88 is very nice. Also, South Indian food is entirely veg--try Udupi Bhavan or Mysore Veggie.

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      Pho 88 is one of our favorite (possibly my wife's favorite) places, and yet I didn't even think about that. I haven't tried Udupi or Mysore, though we enjoy Indian very much.

    2. It's the Lowell Folk Festival next weekend. Be prepared for crowds if you come into downtown Lowell. OTOH, there are lots of ethnic food booths that have vegetarian offerings. LIving Organics is in downtown Lowell, next to the Revolving Museum, I think. I think the smoothies are good but I'm not into the rest of their offerings -- TOO vegetarian as in I don't dig the seasonings.

      1. Life Alive is next to the Museum on Middle Street (corner of Shattuck St.) in Lowell. Awesome food. And SouthEast Asian on Market St. (downtown lowell) also has some nice tofu options as well as vegie only.