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Dining at Perbacco

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My husband and I had a nice meal at Perbacco last night. A few things kept if from being extraordinary.

We ordered the salame appetizer, which was delicious. The reason why we chose that over anything else was our servers lack of knowledge of the other cured meats. She could not tell us the difference between the 'salame' and 'cooked salumi' except that the latter involved a pigs head being roasted down so it was very tender. There were 5 meats on that plate and that was how she chose to showcase it. We took a pass. I was also disappointed that when the salame plate was served, no one took the time to tell us which of the 5 different meats was what. They all rocked, but who knew what we were eating?

The yellow tail appetizer; the fish was extremely fresh but the watermelon garnish was way over salted. You couldn't get that perfect salty, sweet combination that just awakens your palette and primes it for the fish. Instead you got a salt lick on top of your fish.

The tagliatelle with pork sugo knocked my socks off. Though when I asked (quite innocently) our server about the unique linguini-esque shape of the pasta, she said 'that's what tagliatelle is' and she had never in her life heard of a flat/fat, thin tagliatelle. What?

I have nothing but praise for the ribeye. Cooked and seasoned to perfection, we enjoyed the hell out of it.

None of the desserts really appealed to us so once again I looked to our server to sell us on something. And once again, our server failed us. I asked her what the 'Brutti Ma Buoni', also known as the Ugly but Good cookie, was. Her response, "It's an almond cookie that is ugly but good." I stopped asking questions after that.
We finally settled on the caramel gelato which was amazing.

One of the greatest things about San Francisco is that the servers are true foodies, and are doing this job not because they have to, but because they love it. They have distinct opinions about the food and wine they're serving. I want them to share their opinions and serve as a guide for me in my dining experience. This woman just didn't have it in her. Maybe she was new and was unfamiliar with the entire menu, but I doubt it. Bottom line, I will always go back to Perbacco because of the food.

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  1. Just make sure you don't get the same server.

    230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

    1. I loved the testa arrotolata, which is the rolled up pig's head. I had a sample of it at the Golden Glass event. Didn't really mean to eat the full slab, but it was so delicious, I polished off the whole piece. Then I didn't feel like tasting any more wine that afternoon . . .

      1. I've had a really good experience with the service at Perbacco. If I were you, I would write to the management because when I was there, it felt like they genuinely cared about your experience at the restaurant. This will probably help them to train their staff better and avoid further experiences like what you described, sounds pretty bad. I also agree that the food is phenomenal.

        1. I'm not sure what you're saying about the shape of the pasta. Tajarin (Piemontese for tagliatelle) are often cut to half the width of regular tagliatelle. Is that what you got? Linguine have a similar cross-section but are dry 100% semolina rather than fresh egg pasta.