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Jul 18, 2008 03:27 PM

Lake Placid, NY or Vermont

My husband and I want to go to either Lake Placid or VT for a few days; I am wondering if anyone knows of any kosher food or towns in the area with kosher food (to clarify- not supermarkets, but a restaurant etc)??

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  1. None. For Lake Placid, you could stock up at Lake George. Non-food rec: check out the Olympic ski jumpers who practice into a pool of water. It's cool to watch.

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    1. re: cappucino

      There's no kosher food in lake george except a few boxes of crackers, no?

      1. re: tomby

        There's a Price Chopper inn town that has kosher food. I think Saratoga Chabad is the wesite source with phone numbers. There's also the Albany Price Chopper--Colonie that has takeout/deli open till 5. We attended services and bought food in Saratoga on the way up to Lake Placid, but then we had pre-packaged dinners from Mauzone just in case. Lake Placid and Burlington were worth the trip (different trips).

    2. Ben and Jerry's in Burlington and most everywhere else.

      1. There are no kosher restaurants in Vermont, but the Price Chopper in Rutland stocks a nice kosher selection. There used to be a kosher pizza place in Killington, VT, but it only lasted a few years, if that.