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Jul 18, 2008 02:55 PM

best fried chicken in the quarter

What is the best place for fried chicken in the quarter?

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  1. Coop's on Decatur. Some people will disagree but I don't know why. Juicy, hot big breasts. Get the two breast plate with red benas and rice. You can't go wrong. I find the breading to be great and the meat to be tender and juicy.

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    1. re: mcegielski

      Not a fan of Coops. Crust was flavorless and tasted like the grease need ed a change. I also find their jambalaya a gooey, tomatoey mess. Fries are limp and greasy. Since Fiorella's is closed, I can't think of another spot in FQ.

      1. re: JazzyB

        you should try coop's again. get the house salad with green goddess dressing, the two breast plate and red beans and rice.

        1. re: JazzyB

          i completely agree w/ you on Coops. each time ive tried the fare its a sloppy mess of the same mush. i dont get the appeal. open late tho.

        2. re: mcegielski

          Love the Coop's fried chicken (prefer dark meat, though, sprinkled with habanero tabasco), although my current addiction is to Coop's red beans and rice with sausage (also generously seasoned with habanero tabasco).

          P.S. Only way to do Coop's, IMHO, is sitting at the bar or, if need be, at one of the high tops adjacent to the bar.

        3. i have to agree about coops. i've been going there for years & yes it can be spotty but considering the circumstances(it ain't four star dining & makes no pretense of being, the impossibility of keeping/finding good help, etc)they do a damn good job. i ate there 3 times while i was just there & they hit it out of the park every time: fantastic red beans & rice w/sausage, grilled on the outdoor cooker(took me back wistfully to the buster holmes days), rabbit & sausage jambalaya & fried chicken(dark meat, please). it's also just a damn fine place to drink your afternoon away(esp when faye is at the helm).