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Jul 18, 2008 02:48 PM

hill country wineries?

I am interested to know if anyone can recommend any restaurants at the wineries around Austin? I have no experience with American wine ( plenty with Australian :) and would like to try some good wine - I am a fan of New Zealand Sauv Blanc and South Australian Riesling. Is there anything comparable in Texas?

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  1. From our recent experiences touring most of the hill country wineries, you will be lucky to find anything other than a cheese platter or limited tapas selection (if even that) at most wineries. Some (Fall Creek, Lost Creek) do have weekend events with food (burgers,etc) on site-call ahead!
    As to the wines, don't expect great things from the hill country. Most of the grapes are sourced from west Texas vinyards and I have found very few wines that I would ever purchase again. All this being told, it is a scenic enjoyable trip from Austin on 290 to Stonewall (Woodrose, Becker-Lost Creek tasting room in Johnson City) You can detour up 281N to 71 on the way back if you want to visit Spicewood and Stone House on the way back. My personal advice would be to skip the other Stonewall wineries as well as McReynolds. More info located on the following posts. Enjoy your visit!

    1. leah66 - Flat Creek Winery is a very pleasant and interesting winery to visit and taste, especially if Madeline is around , and she usually is . It's located on the north shore of Lake Travis . They make wine from their own grapes under the Flat Creek label , and from caprock/west texas grapes under the Travis Peak label .You mention white grapes , so I think you will find appealing what they are doing with the muscat grape . As for food , you will be about 20 mins from Marble Falls , and their growing food scene . Or , back toward Austin for more food options . Also , call the winery and talk to them , as they may be willing to prepare you a picnic , or a private lunch at the winery . You will enjoy Flat Creek .

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        I like Torre di Pietra just outside of Fredericksburg. It's quite a bit of fun when they have music on Friday nights, and the wine is good too. They have a good selection. There are some good wines and some not so good ones, but the ambiance of the winery is very nice. I went to Mandola's winery this weekend & they only had 2 types of wine to taste, both very sweet. They are a very young winery with a long way to go before they are truly established, but the grounds are great and the restaurant looks amazing (wasn't able to eat there). Have fun in the Hill Country!