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best deal on fresh sea scallops?

i got some at the farmer's market but they are teeny! where else can i find them at a reasonable price?

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  1. They are frozen but costco sells excellent scallops that are phosphate free.

    1. Try mitswa or 99 ranch market

      I also like the fish at fish king in glendale.

      1. Santa Monica Seafood generally has pretty nice scallops. ALthough they are about $18/lb, you get about 8-10 in a lb so its not too bad..

          1. The best price I have found on large scallops is at LAX C market in chinatown, but alas they are frozen.

            1. if you get lucky, I have had the large sea scallops from F&E when they are marked to half price because of the 'date' and they were wonderful.

              1. My local post office ignores the request on How's Market fliers to deliver Monday or Tuesday and delivers mine on Saturday...which is how I know that their huge and delicious Jumbos will be on sale starting Wednesday at $11.99/lb. Not cheap, but they are wonderful, and about four of those puppies is a big portion.

                1. If you want to make it out to Fish King in Glendale I have gotten amazing fresh sea scallops there, I would recommend calling before you go though because their selection is subject to seasonal availability

                  1. LA Fish Company downtown---------Cheaper and fresher than anywhere I have found.
                    Phone first as their opening times change.

                    1. I am surprised nobody mentioned Fresh and Easy's sea scallops. They are big, and not too unreasonably priced.

                      Depending on what you want to use the sea scallops for, but frozen ones will not sear properly (finally found out why by watching Top Chef, of all things), as they seem to render a lot of liquid out.

                      The Fresh & Easy ones were so fresh that I made spicy scallop rolls with them.

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                        4 above you was the first mention...

                      2. I third the Fresh and Easy scallops. Just go early in the day because if you go late they may be gone. They basically get one shipment in the morning and that's it for the day.

                        1. I agree Fresh and Easy have a very fresh scallop. They are very fresh and taste much better than the frozen one from the Asian Market. Their scallop was catch fresh not a defrost one that you see from some supermarket. I bought 2 packages last time and I freeze on3. I just cooked the one I freeze this morning and it still taste VERY GOOD.

                          The price is very reasonable even when you can't find the marked down price. If you find the mark down price it didn't mean that it not fresh but Fresh and Easy has the policy that their product only have 2 days date on the package for the freshness. Even you buy the mark down scallop from Fresh and Easy it still much fresher than not mark down at other markets.

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                            Can someone please tell me where Fresh and Easy is? Thanks in advance.

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                                Are you saying that the ones from F&E are treated? I don't know for sure, but I have seen those at most chain markets and compared to those, they don't have that 'fake' white look. I think they taste much better and sweeter as well.

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                                  No I have never been to F&E. I like Costco's quality on a lot of stuff we buy there. I have never had their scallops I just read the article around the same time I watched a "Good Eats" on scallop.

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                                    What I read is that Costco sells defrosted frozen scallops. I think the F&E ones are fresh, and they sear up perfectly with no oozing water.

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                                      F & E scallop is fresh and not previously freeze like the one sell at the major supermarket. I have a friend who work at F&E he told me about how much F & E strict about their fresh quality. Their meat are no hormone and all F&E brand products don't have the artificial favor, no preservative. Their egg also come from the cage free chicken and they only sell that about $1.50 per dozen and that is their regular price.

                                      Needless to say you don't have to worry that the scallop were treated.

                              1. My little brother just started shipping world wide. He flash freezes on the boat then ships as soon as he gets off the boat. He has great prices because he cuts out several middlemen and has several options on size. Freshscallops.net