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Jul 18, 2008 01:59 PM

Love Foxley - now where?

We have a babysitter tonight, so I'm almost out the door! But don't know where to go. We love foxley but we are there far too much. I'd like to eat lighter - maybe a bunch of apps. Torito is great, but... Alice is fantastic but we can always bring the kid there so we don't want to do that. I'm thinking about George, or Splendido, or JK wine bar - how tough is it to get in on a Friday night? What about Perrigree (sp?) in the distillary district? Is Nyood to slick? Sorry for such a convoluted question - I think I need a glass of wine. Thanks.

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  1. Does anyone know if Chiado still has Senhor Antonios tapas section?

    Get to JKWB early and be prepared to wait up to one hour, but you'll for sure get in. However, I no longer recommend their food - way too salty.

    Since you want to eat lighter, I'd skip Splendido, Perigee, etc. - you could try Colborne Lane (smaller portions, quite impressive); Ki or Blowfish if value for money isn't a concern but cool atmosphere is; Cava (I think you already like that place); Lee (similar flavours to foxley) if food being perfect isn't a concern; Casa Barcelona or Cambalache for traditional spanish tapas (though you could probably take the kid to either place); or someplace with an extensive bar menu like Tundra in the Hilton.

    Haven't been to Nyood yet - wanted to take our dinner club there but they insist on a "prix fixe" menu for larger groups - so annoying!

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      I agree with the suggestions for Colborne Lane, and strongly advise against Nyood if you want good solid food (Nice drinks though).
      I would also add Starfish to your list.
      enjoy your night!

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        Hi, we went to George and had a fantastic meal. We ordered a bunch of apps and enjoyed some great wine. I love the range of wine Jimson (sommelier) has put together, and our lovely server was very knowledgeable and accommodating. Lorenzo Loseto is my favourite chef today.

        1. re: stayathomesommelier

          I haven't been to George in a long time... I'd love a more specific review. Can you please say a little more about what you ate?

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        Because of the 'licious disease affecting the city last night (Saturday), a friend and I were forced to look high and low for a slightly trendy alternative - so we finally settled on JKWB after discovering that Marben was fully booked. Upon calling the hostess at JKWB, she assured us that "business was slower than normal" and although they don't take reservations, upon arrival at 9 pm, we were seated immediately at the wine bar.

        Imagine my excitement when upon reading the menu, I couldn't find Tobey's name (she got married and moved to Spain!) and instead read "Wine Bar Chef, Dan DeMatteis". Needless to say, the food is no longer plagued with salt, and I will continue to eat there. I'll post a better review of Dan's work in a proper thread. Apparently he started the position two weeks ago.