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Jul 18, 2008 01:48 PM

Prune danish in Baltimore?

I have not seen a prune danish in years, although now I guess they'd be called "dried plum danish"! Used to get them at Cross Keys, back when they had a good deli many years ago. Any thoughts?

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  1. Farmer's market french bakery (Sat-Waverly and Sun downtown) offers many variety of danish, but I do not recall prune. They do have a lovely cheese danish which I consider a special treat. Who knows, maybe they will make one up for you at their shop?

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      Thanks, maddog. Can't hurt to ask!

    2. Try the bakeries in Lexington Market, or 7 mile market or other kosher bakeries in Pikesville.

      1. My husband loves prune danish and has found ones he considers delicious at Gourmet Again in Pikesville. They don't have them everyday, call ahead and they will let you know when they are available. He has also found prune danish at the Old World Bakery in Randallstown. We were recently at Lexington Market and did not see any there,