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I Want Fries, the Sweet Potato Kind

I know Father's Office will come up a lot. But where else do you get your sweet potato fry fix?

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  1. I like Cobras & Matadors sweet potato fries. They have a good dipping sauce with it too.

    The Bowery's are ok - but they serve it with ketchup! I ask them for mayo and mix the ketchup in a bit, and that works well too.

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        Gotta agree with this. Best sweet potato fries I've had. I also crave the horseradish mayo that goes with them.

      2. Agree, The Counter also Beechwood and Cafe Buna both one Washington Blvd in Venice.

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          I definitely agree with Beechwood's version. I actually just had some last night; they were delicious, especially with that garlic aioli they come with.

        2. There is this place up in Idyllwild called Joann's that has awesome burgers and sweet potato fries. Its a bit of a drive but its nice this time of year up in the mountains and its a cute place to spend the day!

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            A bit of a drive indeed. From the valley that's 2.5 hours for me. I'll have to bookmark this one for a a later adventure.

          2. I think there was a recent thread on this, but Mike and Anne's and Gus's BBQ, both in South Pasadena, were both mentioned by several people.

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              Mike and Anne's sweet potato fries are sinfully delicious. My friend and I got some on the house to help us cope with the longer wait for our entrees and I would have been happy just with the fries! Veggie Grill also has great sweet potato fries.

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                I thought there was a recent thread, too, but when I went looking, I realized it was for YAM fries, not sweet potato fries (although the thread seems to have a mix of both). Here it is: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/488611

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                  Our so-called "yams" are really just a variety of the same old sweet potatoes, so I suppose what we're talking about here is what kind of sweet potato they're using. Kinda hard to tell after they've been cut up and fried. Whatever Gus's uses, they're awfully good. I prefer regular fries for burgers, but these sweet-potato guys go great with pork.

              2. Venus of Venice
                12034 Venice Blvd
                Los Angeles, CA 90066
                (310) 391-7674

                13817 Ventura Blvd
                Sherman Oaks, CA 91423-3603
                Phone: (818) 986-4623.

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                  I think Venus of Venice has been closed for a couple years now.

                2. topanga canyon bistro

                  1. I was surprised that I enjoyed the Sweet Potato fries at Veggie Grill, served with chipotle mayo as a bonus!

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                      Yeah, the "sweetheart fries" at Veggie grill are very good, I like the Counter's a little more but it's close.

                    2. SWEET POTATO FRIES
                      agree w/ Beechwood


                      17th st Cafe on Montana


                      Charcoal in Hollywood

                      Savannah in Burbank

                      Pure Luck

                      Mike and Anne's in South Pas

                      Inka Grill

                      Metro Diner


                      YAM FRIES
                      Snug Harbor


                      Wood Spoon

                      Brent's Deli

                      1. I like the ones at Boneyard Bistro whole lot. Good dipped in his BBQ sauce.

                        Believe it or not, the ones at you local mall Tacone wraps can be pretty tasty.

                        1. Spitz in Eagle Rock has some excellent sweet potato fries, with the added bonus of pretty good doner kebab and nice fresh salads.

                          1. My understanding is that in the U.S. yams and sweet potatoes are interchangeable; what are known as yams in other countries are not commonly used here (except ube, which are purple). The difference you see in markets are simply two different varieties of sweet potatoes, so it's unlikely there could be some restaurants that serve yam fries and others that serve sweet potato.

                            1. Creole Chef, in the Baldwin Hills Plaza parking lot (near Sizzlers). Also, the sweet potato fries at Boiling Crab in Alhambra are very good.

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                                Was about to chime in with both of these

                              2. Just want to chime in with another vote of support for the spf's at Beechwood in Venice. Awesome. Better than The Counter.

                                1. Gotta put in my vote for Father's Office.

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                                    I enjoy the ones that Double Dutch in CC serves.

                                  2. the bread bar had pretty good ones. i think i needed to add some salt to it, but they were really good.

                                    1. try saint felix (the former Bin8945) in weho. really yummy sweet potato fries!!!

                                      1. In South Pasdena, Gus's Barbeque on Fair Oaks, one or two blocks north of Mission. Best I've had...

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                                          Good call. I like the cut of these fries as much as the flavor. Most of them are long and thin on one side but wide on the other side. I have had them twice and they were perfect both times. First I had them with the pulled pork sandwich but was not too happy with the "pulled pork" as it semmed to be more like lumps. Thje second time I had St. Luis style ribs and they were good. Next time I wiill try one of the burgers which look very good.

                                          oh, yeah, the size of the order of fries are more then enough for two or three people. We take half home and feel tey are also very good cold.


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                                            I also like the sweet potato fries at Gus's and my kids loved them too. Ate there recently and had the baby back ribs with the fries and sauteed Southern greens. The ribs were delicious--better than Robin's, I think. The greens were sauteed perfectly with garlic and minced onion. The fries were crispy, salty and sweet. I thought the food was excellent at Gus's, and the interior is nicer than Robin's.

                                        2. Hum, I guess I have a different answer. I fry it up myself - the sell the sweet potato fries at Whole Foods' freezer section.

                                          I'd them at Truxton's also, but I actually thought the home fried version is better. Still have to try FO.

                                          I like the real skinny ones (shoe strings), so I dont' know if FO or Gus's are like that.

                                          1. Creperie on Third in WeHo

                                            1. Mayberry on Swarthmore in Pacific Palisades.

                                              Rustic Canyon used to have incredible yam wedges, but they got a new chef and took them off the menu

                                              Beechwoods are awesome and come with 3 dipping sauces!

                                              1. Granville Cafe in Burbank and Glendale have really great sweet potato fries with a delicious blue cheese dipping sauce.

                                                1. I love the ones at Tompkins Square.
                                                  8522 Lincoln Blvd.

                                                  1. First time I had them was at the 101 Cafe and I still think theirs are great. Love the ones at the Bowery, especially doing mixed 1/2 sweet potato 1/2 regular.

                                                    1. Definitely Cobras and Matadors...Thin, crispy, super salty with great dipping sauces. They're perfect!

                                                      1. Quite by accident, I discovered the most delicious sweet potato/yam fries at Twohey's in Alhambra. I ordered the turkey burger, on a wheat roll with avocado, and the waiter suggested the sweet potato fries. Well, the turkey burger was seasoned so well, almost like a meatloaf, not at all with that nasty little after-taste you get with frozen turkey burgers. The waiter said the chef makes it up fresh every day. So there they were, to my surprise, perfectly cut sweet potato fries, hot and not at all greasy, and crisp on the outside, tender on the inside. I thought my favorites were the thin cut, but after trying Twohey's, I am a convert. If you can get past the thundering herds queuing up and wasting gas at the In-N-Out drive-thru next door, grab a parking spot and try Twohey's.

                                                        Twohey's Restaurant
                                                        1224 N Atlantic Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91801

                                                        1. Service is slow but Mike & Annes in South Pasadena has excellent sweet potato fries

                                                            1. My vote for best goes to Josies.

                                                              But Father's Office are a close 2nd.

                                                              26th St Cafe on Montana will tweek your sweet spud jones. (best thing they have)

                                                              1. Trader Joes has good frozen sweet potato fries if you ever feel like making at home-- just dump from bag onto cookie sheet, bake, sprinkle with salt. Very tasty.

                                                                1. I've had them all over the place... my favorite by far are FOs for skinny... always fried and seasoned perfect...

                                                                  For thicker, we LOVED the ones we had at Bread Bar recently!

                                                                  1. The Veggie Grill in Irvine and Redondo have very good sweet potato fries!

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                                                                      I'll third or fourth veggie grill. They are not much to look at, and they are not skinny, but they sure are tasty!

                                                                    2. The Cafe 50s on Santa Monica Blvd near Barrington has excellent sweet potato fries.

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                                                                        I'd have to say Yard House. I also would like to I did not like the sweet potato fries at the Veggie Grill. I've tried FO, The Counter, The Crow bar, bad to the bone BBQ as well.

                                                                      2. I've noticed a trend on the boards where people order their fries "well done." Does the same hold true for sweet potato fries and these recommendations?

                                                                        By the way... I just had some pretty good sweet potato fries at "The Farm" in the Topanga Mall the other day.

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                                                                          I'm a little surprised the sweet potato fries at the 101 Diner on Franklin haven't come up in this thread. They don't come with any special sauces (though I like to dip them in the mayo based sauce that comes with the grilled chicken sandwich) but they are excellent.

                                                                          Unfortunately you have to go half sweet potato fries, half regular fries if you do it as a side with your entree, but if you get them as a side order separate, you can get a full basket of sweet potato fries. They're generally perfectly crispy, and nice and thin...

                                                                        2. The Counter doesn't just have great sweet potato fries but the dipping sauce that comes with it is incredible!

                                                                          1. Johnny Rebs' (their spelling, not mine) has sweet potato fries, which are served with ranch dressing for dipping. Can be ordered as an appetizer or a side dish substitute for an extra charge.