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Jul 18, 2008 12:58 PM

I Want Fries, the Sweet Potato Kind

I know Father's Office will come up a lot. But where else do you get your sweet potato fry fix?

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  1. I like Cobras & Matadors sweet potato fries. They have a good dipping sauce with it too.

    The Bowery's are ok - but they serve it with ketchup! I ask them for mayo and mix the ketchup in a bit, and that works well too.

      1. re: cookie monster

        Gotta agree with this. Best sweet potato fries I've had. I also crave the horseradish mayo that goes with them.

      2. Agree, The Counter also Beechwood and Cafe Buna both one Washington Blvd in Venice.

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        1. re: priscilla2

          I definitely agree with Beechwood's version. I actually just had some last night; they were delicious, especially with that garlic aioli they come with.

        2. There is this place up in Idyllwild called Joann's that has awesome burgers and sweet potato fries. Its a bit of a drive but its nice this time of year up in the mountains and its a cute place to spend the day!

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          1. re: starryeyedesther

            A bit of a drive indeed. From the valley that's 2.5 hours for me. I'll have to bookmark this one for a a later adventure.

          2. I think there was a recent thread on this, but Mike and Anne's and Gus's BBQ, both in South Pasadena, were both mentioned by several people.

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            1. re: Chowpatty

              Mike and Anne's sweet potato fries are sinfully delicious. My friend and I got some on the house to help us cope with the longer wait for our entrees and I would have been happy just with the fries! Veggie Grill also has great sweet potato fries.

              1. re: Chowpatty

                I thought there was a recent thread, too, but when I went looking, I realized it was for YAM fries, not sweet potato fries (although the thread seems to have a mix of both). Here it is:

                1. re: DanaB

                  Our so-called "yams" are really just a variety of the same old sweet potatoes, so I suppose what we're talking about here is what kind of sweet potato they're using. Kinda hard to tell after they've been cut up and fried. Whatever Gus's uses, they're awfully good. I prefer regular fries for burgers, but these sweet-potato guys go great with pork.