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Jul 18, 2008 12:52 PM

Dinner @ Market Table - what to order?

hi folks - wife and i have reservations tomorrow night at market table. would appreciate suggestions on what to order. thanks!


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  1. I like the shrimp w/grits appetizer

    1. The hush puppies with honey butter are amazing.

      1. We loved everything they put in front of us there, a couple weeks ago. We both ordered fish, the char was great, a heavier, grilled dish and the Halibut with pea shoots lovely light and the exact opposite of the char, both great. We had the oyster app and the crab cakes are the best we have had, not to be missed. They split stuff for us without us asking and the wine was good. We didn't get it but the lamb shank looked amazing. Have fun. We really enjoyed the whole experience.

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          appreciate the recommendations everyone. unfortunately the experience was tremendously underwhelming. maybe we went on an off night (although saturday night hardly seems like it should be an off night) but given the meal we had and the amount we paid, my wife and i agreed market table was not worth a second trip.

          for apps, we had oysters, chilled corn soup and fried softshell crab. oysters were fresh - no complaints there. chilled corp soup was good too. softshell crab was flat - the side salad it came with was pathetic and the crab sorely needed a kick (cayenne, paprika, something!).

          for entrees, my wife had arctic char. decent fish but overall dish was a disappointment. side of fried onion and salad just did nothing for us. i had the much-touted lamb shank which was totally underseasoned. i couldnt finish it. we tried 2 wines by the glass. a $10 cabernet and a $12 cab/syrah blend. i've seen both bottles at my local wine store for under $15 so didnt see the justification in paying those kinds of prices per glass. we decided to skip dessert altogether. bill came to $155 for two - and mind you we just had 3 glasses of wine. we dine out a lot and dont mind paying. but market table just did not cut it for us.