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Jul 18, 2008 12:48 PM

Reasonable french food

I am looking to take my mother out to a good french place when she comes to visit. location is not a huge deal, but vegetarian options are a must. any sugestions?

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  1. That's a tough one. Which one of you is the vegetarian? Meaning, is your mother looking for a particular vegetarian French dish, or is this request for you? At most of these places, it looks like lunch and brunch are going to be easier than dinner for the vegetarian.

    Gascogne - a good variety of salads and brunch items for lunch. Cute spot.

    Casimir - on Ave B. Good variety of salads, often serves a vegetarian soup. Also has a veg pasta dish and a veg cousous entree. Very charming, cozy space, with a nice garden too. Very consistent food. Service is hit or miss.

    any Le Gamin location - not a fancy place, but serves plenty of traditional French food, including crepes (you can choose the filling).

    Also, take a look at the menu at Le Gigot in the west village.

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      Gascogne is not just "French style," It is owned and run by French transplants.

      Le Gigot is wonderful, if pricy....

      Capsouto Freres is a wonderful brasserie-type place in the west end of Tribeca that's owned and run by French brothers. I love that place. and it has a wonderful brunch on weekends. They make sublime souffles, both savory and sweet.

    2. Since people's opinons of what consitutes "reasonable" can differ, it would help if you would provide a per person budget for food (wine, tax & tip additional). Based on that, Hounds will be able to make appropriate suggestions.

        1. Jubilee. 54th between 1st and 2nd. Great little neighborhood spot. Vegetarian friendly. Reservations a must. Dont miss the yummy frites...

          1. My veg sister likes Artisanal.