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Jul 18, 2008 12:17 PM


Attended a Summerlicious sitting for a late dinner at Mistura at 9pm. Upon making the reservation I was told that the restaurant was open until the last tabIe left which I thought was very classy. Arriving at the restaurant I was uneasy about the atmosphere when I saw the valets. It was not pretentious at all! The room looked amazing and the servers were very friendly. The place was packed on a Thursday night. I had the shrimp salad, slow roasted veal tenderloin, and vanilla panna cotta. My date had the caprino fresco salad, chicken with olive and zucchini, and the chocolate torte. We let each other sample everything and all was amazing. Portions were exceptional and everything tasted great. We had a bottle of shiraz to go with our dinner and coffees after. The service was almost too good as servers were often seen rushing around the restaurant. Our server was hilarious and accomodated our every need. I would go back in a heartbeat.

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  1. Mistura has always been satisfying for only complaint has ever been the noise level.....couldn't hear my dinner companions....!!!

    1. Now I want to go more than ever. But I will have to pay full price, it looks like they are booked solid for Summerlicious.

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          thanks for the review..Im going to add this to my "winterlicious" list.
          Sounds like a winner.