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Jul 18, 2008 12:13 PM

Wedding Day lunch with Family

Need a suggestion for lunch in Austin on Wedding day. There will probably be about a dozen or so of us. Nothing too exotic, and there might be kids. Something pretty and peaceful…but not dress-up fancy. I guess it’ll be too hot for a patio… We’ll be a the Hotels Omni and the Super 8, and the wedding is at Mercury Hall, so somewhere not far from those places. Thank you!

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  1. Pretty close to the Mercury, a block east of South 1st on Oltorf, is a good Mexican restaurant Habanero. I've yet to hear a bad thing about that place, and I like it too. Another idea, closer to Ben White, is Borrego de Oro, NW corner of Ben White and South Congress, which I think is a fabulous place, definitely casual. There's half a dozen other good places in this area one can recommend especially if you have cuisine types in mind.

    1. Mercury Hall is a great location for a wedding....and you probably want to stay south. I am pretty much stuck north now, but I was thinking that the new Spanish place at the Y might be nice. (Some other poster will have to provide the name, I cannot remember it now). Or how about the Salt have the creek (if it is running) and the grounds so that the kids could run around. A litle more elegant, but still nice (and around the South/Driftwood area) is Tratteria Lisina. (Forgive me for the spelling)! It is owned by the same guys that own Mandolas Italian Market in the Triangle.