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Jul 18, 2008 11:40 AM

Date night (for parents) recs for DC (dupont, woodley or downtown)

My husband and I have overnight babysitting tomorrow night! We'd like something on the quiet side - not too expensive - but hip and romantic. We live in Woodley and are going to the movies at E St. for a 10pm show, so anywhere in Woodley/DuPont or downtown.

Firefly? Perrys maybe?

I'm vegetarian. He's not.


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  1. Rasika - Hip Indian with plenty of tasty vegetarian options

    1. I like Firefly but I always feel like the tables are too close together therefore taking away from the true romantic feel.

      My co-worker who is a vegan recently went to Perrys and loved it. Right next to Perrys is Cashion's Eat Place another wonderful recommendation. The food is yummy and it has a nice laid-back neighborhood feel while still putting out impressive cuisine.

      Someone else should chime in here but you can also check out Ceiba or Central. Just not 100% sure of vegetarian-friendly these places are.

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        I love Cashion's and think it's romantic plus great food and service. I think Perry's is awful awful (at least the asian/sushi side of the menu). Bit less expensive and good for a vegetarian, do you all like Mama Ayesha's? I think it's beautiful and, thus, romantic, but probably not so hip. It is possible to hold a conversation at both Cashion's and Mama Ayesha's, which may be more difficult at the hipper Penn Quarter suggestions (Central, Rasika, etc.)

        What about Bistro d'Oc, since it's so close to E Street and so nice?

        And I just realized you've probably decided by now -- hope it's a lovely evening.

        1. re: mselectra

          I LOVE Bistro D'Oc, especially for a date night near E St. theater. But I think as a French bistro they have very limited items for vegetarians. You can get thier goat cheese salad which is quite nice, but other then that I'm not sure if there are too many other options. Even the french onion soup is beef based. If you eat seafood though, this is a great option since they have mussels, salmon and other fish dishes.

          1. re: Elyssa

            yes, you're right, of course! Hope she lets us know where they went....