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Jul 18, 2008 11:39 AM

Rice Ball Truck on 55th (Park and Mad)

Coming back from the Paris theatre (seeing Transconiental - good movie BTW) I happened upon a vehicle that looked like a pizza truck. As I walked by I noticed that the side exclaimed: "Home of the Rice Ball." Upon tasting, it was a lightly fried, extremely moist, well seasoned ball of rice with spinach and cheese inside- (I had the vegie version.) Served with a good marinara sauce it was really quite satisfying. According to the literature posted it is "Grandma's recipe". Personally I had never seen this before, much less on the street. Any other place to get them? Any thoughts at all?

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  1. Those are most likely italian risotto balls, called Arancini. They're one of my favorite foods, traditionally made with ham, peas and maybe some fresh mozz in the center, but you can put almost anything in them.

    How much were they and how big were they?

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      Is that the same as "suppli?" That's what they were called in Rome.

      1. re: City Kid

        Yes, they call them suppli in rome. I am not sure why.

        1. re: vvvindaloo

          Having never been to this truck, I don't know if they are selling suppli or arancini, but they are two different dishes. I got this from the "Home in Rome" blog:

          "Now, don't confuse the supplì with their southern cousins known as arancini (ah-rahn-CHEE-nee). What's the diff? Roman supplì are fried tomato-flavored rice balls filled with mozzarella, while arancini hail from Sicily and are often a larger, almost pyramid shape, with saffron-flavored rice, meat, mushrooms, and peas."

          (PS: I would dispute that arancini are pyramid shaped in Sicily, but since they are handmade, hard to be definitive. And while mozzerella is increasingly common throughout Itay, it's like Roman suppli are stuffed with scamorza.)

      2. re: heWho

        With a coke the total was $4.50. Baseball sized.

      3. Rice balls are very popular, and yummy, at modest down-home places in Rome, but I think they are a rarity here. This is a great sighting and I plan to check it out! Thanks!

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          yeah i had some great ones in Rome, I think there they call them 'suppli'. i want to find this rice ball truck.

        2. does anyone know the hours and locations of this gem


          1. Zach at posted about it today --
            and someone linked to a shot of the menu --

            1. Nice find, tbear. I'll be checking it out next week.