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Jul 18, 2008 11:33 AM

Searching for Olive juice (brine?) for Dirty Martinis

I've been searching for a quality brand of olive juice for Dirty martinis. Williams-Sonoma used to sell a good brand but they don't offer it anymore - unfortunately I never wrote down the name and I haven't been able to find it on-line. A few other brands I've tried were terrible compared to just pouring the juice from my olive jar.

Now my fridge is filling up with jars of olives with no juice! Does anyone know of any good brands of bottled juice can suggest? Thanks!

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  1. Everyone I know just adds the juice from the olive jar. I'm not trying to be funny or not answer your question, it's just what my friends and I use for a dirty martini. I don't drink them so I'm not sure if you can buy specifically "olive juice."

    1. I used to work for an Italian market with a huge olive selection. Customers would request extra juice when we would scoop the olives out of the barrel for them. Find someone that does the same and use that.

      1. I have seen olive juice on the shelf at BevMo, but I think you would be better off just using the juice from a jar of olives or, as vino5150 suggested, hit the olive bar at your local supermarket and get extra juice (any flavor you like for those dirty 'tinis).

        BTW, try pickle juice too sometime.

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