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Jul 18, 2008 11:09 AM

BEEF Rendang in DFW

When I lived in NYC, there was a (not particularly authentic) Malaysian restaurant on the corner, at which my favorite dish was Beef Rendang. Since moving back to Dallas, I have not found the dish many places. My wife and I used to love Penang off Preston in Frisco, but it closed some time back. We still like Tom Tom in the West Village, but I was hoping for some additional options. Someone suggested Lion City Chinese Cafe, but my understanding is that restaurant in vegetarian. Any other ideas?

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  1. Lion City is NOT vegetarian, and I don't know if they have this dish. I think they are closed this month as the owner goes on summer vacation.

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        You might try out the Filipino place d'Kusina in Richardson for the dish you are looking for. I know nothing of Malaysian food cept for the stuff I had at Penang. There is a Laotian market in Irving I have yet to try but will get to it soon. I will look for that dish. A Malaysian dish might be mixed among Loatian or Filipino here in Dallas. If you find this dish let me know!!

        d'Kusina Fillipino American
        2122 E. Beltline Road
        Richardson, TX 75081
        (972) 238-7199

        Nalihn Market
        1716 E State Highway 356 (Irving Blvd)
        Irving, Texas 75060

    1. Lion City reopened July 10. I went there last week. I've not seen beef rendang on the menu, but there's plenty of other good stuff. I'm a big fan of the chili crabs. I'll just warn you though that the wait can be atrocious, so either put in your order for take out and come back or be prepared to wait. I'm talking hours when they're really busy. And no, it's definitely not vegetarian.

      1. Bengal Coast ( has Rendang Beef on it's menu and received a good review over at It's in the Centrum Building at the intersection of Oak Lawn and Cedar Springs.

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          I had it there last week and thought it was ok but not very authentic.

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            not supposed to be "authentic" . . . the owner of the recipe was, purportedly, aussie (australian) . . . this is just his version . . . not meant to be authentic.

            if you want authentic malaysian food . . . ain't gonna' find it in dallas . . . gotta' drive down to houston . . . at least two authentic malaysian diners in "little-asia".

        2. Tom Tom, off Lemmon, has a version of Beef Rendang as a portion of the "Heat Seeking Bento" bento box item on the menu. I think it's pretty yummy.