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Jul 18, 2008 10:53 AM

Steamed Buns in Dallas

A month or so ago, I was introduced to steamed buns at David Chang's Momofuku in NYC. They were simple but wonderful. Not long after, at an Asian festival outside Dallas City Hall, I sampled steamed buns from a Filipino vendor. I have now decided that I need to explore steamed bun option in the Dallas area. What are the options? What restaurants have the best? Thanks.

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  1. Good luck with this and please let me know what you find. We have been searching for years since moving from NJ. We prefer the baked variety, but will take steamed if they are good. They are known as char shu pao -- pork buns.

    There are some restaurants and Asian markets in Carrollton off Rte. 35. In particular one of these restaurants serves Dim Sum (Royale) and has them listed on the menu, but I have never been there for Dim Sum. You may get lucky some morning in Arlington on Beach Street (Ft. Worth border, Beach St. exit off 121, go east), but the Vietnamese markets there were out the last time I went.

    1. First off I have no idea where Rte. 35 is and I have lived here my whole life....perhaps he meant Interstate 35E?

      Steamed buns can be found daily at Asia World Supermarket in Plano on Legacy just west of Highway 75/Central Expressway (towards the entrance close to the produce). I would also ask around while I was there and see if anyone knows of a place or a person who might sell them as the quality might be better elsewhere.

      What year was that Asian festival at Dallas City Hall??? You might be able to google out a vendor list from that year if not you could call the organizer and they would know. Just some tips.

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        The festival was just this past June. The vendor was a "Filipino fast food" restaurant, but I have not been able to track it down.

        I would prefer to find restaurants that serve steamed buns, rather than groceries.

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          You just have to know who to ask. The Asian Festival on May 3rd at Dallas City Hall was sponsored by the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce. I got the alpha vendor list from Chiho Mori at the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce.

          The Filipino vendor you are looking for is d’Kusina Filipino-American located at 2122 E Beltline Road in Richardson (75081)

          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            wow, looks like i owe you some steamed buns. thanks.

            1. re: alankp

              Nope. Just owe me a review of the food and be honest!

              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                I tried d’Kusina Filipino-American for lunch today. I ordered the chicken adobo and two steamed buns. Sadly, I was told they were out of the steamed buns. So I ordered some of the little fried egg roll things.

                The chicken adobo was wonderfully tender, but a tad bland. did not find the little egg roll items particularly compelling either, especially the sauce, which was sort of a sweet & sour type.

                I will keep trying.

        2. re: LewisvilleHounder

          Yes, I 35E. When I said "Carrollton", I assumed you knew what I was referring to. I have heard of the place in Plano. I live on the west side of the airport and need to be willing to make an early weekend trip in order to get there. Have you heard if they are any good there?

        3. I must correct the restaurant name. Hong Kong Royal is at the Southeast corner of Frankford and Josey.

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          1. re: RGC1982

            HKR is one of my favorites. Not sure if they have steamed buns, but they have a tons of variety so I wouldn't be surprised. We usually go with some of the less exotic dumplings off the Dim Sum carts.

          2. "char siu bao"

            "bao" = bun
            "char siu" = barbecue pork filling

            just want to make sure it is correct...

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            1. re: mlschot

              Garden Bakery in Richardson (next to First Chinese BBQ) has great baked and steamed char siu buns.

            2. Jeng Chi in Richardson has the best buns. They are made fresh every Thursday and you can choose between pork or veggie.

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              1. re: eat_this

                I tried Jeng Chi for lunch today. I had some great dumplings (as well as potstickers) and a great green onion pancake, but there were no steamed buns (aka char siu bao), nor did I see any on the menu.

                Are they only available on Thursdays?

                1. re: alankp

                  The buns are in one the refrigerated cases by the register. The buns are made fresh on every Thursday and they are not char siu bao. They contain ground pork, napa cabbage, and green onions similar to the potsticker filling.

                  1. re: eat_this

                    Thanks for the post. I will try again. I did look through the cases today but bad timing on my part.

                    1. re: eat_this

                      I just got back from Jeng Chi. The buns are available around 5:00pm. If you do not see them just ask someone.

                      1. re: eat_this

                        I must have passed you there. Unfortunately, I showed up yesterday (Thursday) at 11:30 am and found out they would not be available until 5. So, I have been twice to no avail. I will try again.