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Jul 18, 2008 10:46 AM

[DFW] Best Tofu or Tofu Dish (vegan)

I'm looking for a good tofu based vegan dish for dinner Saturday night that won't require me going back in time two weeks and making reservations...but fancy recs are ok too for future reference. If there's nothing vegan, then vegetarian (no ma pa tofu:( ) will do. Surely there's one good thing I can order, that's not a half assed meat substitute type thing. I suppose I could always try the jungle curry at Jasmine with tofu instead of meat but I wanted to see if anybody has a real favorite out there. Oh yea and Dallas and Irving are ok but Richardson/Plano are even better. Thanks!

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  1. Are you trying to impress a woman???

    Fried Tofu on the specials menu at Frist Chinese BBQ in Plano, order of snow pea tips and chinese broccoli with Chinese black mushrooms. You can ask for the Fish Filet steamed w/ Tofu (add extra fresh ginger). You could eat the fish and let her eat the tofu. That would be my vegan dinner.

    At Little Sichuan (no ma pa tofu I swear) get the Chinese lettuce dish, the green veggie they have on their special menu (the one that is hollow on the stem), and then ask them to suggest a tofu dish (not spicy) with whatever you would like in it.

    Does it have to be tofu??? I mean could it be paneer (Indian cheese)?

    Go to Jasmine ask for the Thai menu (go early so they can walk you through it) and tell them no meat just pure tofu and veg!

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      hahah I wish! I just thought I'd try vegan for a day, wild hare sort of idea. Sounds crazy even to me right now. I thought about trying something at Little Sichuan as their tofu has been pretty good when I've had it. I suppose I could just ask for something vegetarian with tofu in it, maybe the owner's daughter would recommend something. I think I'll wait for the Thai menu at Jasmine so I can just order whatever, maybe something with brains or intestines :)

      I thought somebody might know of a place with really good tofu, maybe some place that makes it? I think I remember hearing Genroku but also some place nearby that I can't remember the name (neither could the person making the rec). The first chinese rec sounds interesting. I can certainly chow down on chinese broccoli.

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        In that case....this would be an awesome first start just pick you up some fresh tofu. Several places around town and have a go at these recipes

        I am certainly not vegan but these dishes look like I would scarf them down!!

    2. Twin's Tofu in Richardson has great Korean tofu stews. They have a veggie one, not sure if it is vegan - you might want to call ahead and make sure the broth is truly veggie, too.

      1. If you're open to fried tofu, I've been enjoying the fried Tofu at Tuyet in Garland a few doors down from Bistro B for the last few weeks. A Vietnamese friend said that they are better than Viet Tofu.

        They have a lemongrass tofu that I'm a bit addicted to right now. I just stick them in my toaster oven for a few minutes and then blot off the oil. I usually just dip them in some homemade peanut sauce. I know it's not as healthy a plain tofu, but it's so good when they fry it!

        Price is good. Four big pieces for $1.00.

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        1. re: Webra1

          thanks for all the recs everybody, here's what I ended up doing:

          Breakfast was at home, oatmeal (w/ soy milk)
          Lunch at Kolachandji's which is @ the temple way southeast but still in Dallas. They operate a vegetarian buffet there and clearly mark what dishes contain dairy so that worked out. It wasn't quite as exciting as some of the reviews make it out to be but it was interesting and they have a little outdoor patio which would be a great place to eat spring/fall (or summer if you like hot weather).

          I picked up some fried Tofu from Tuyet on my way back home for snacking later, I only ended up eating two that day and pretty plain without really much added. I had the rest the other night with the suggested peanut sauce (shallot & garlic, sriracha, soy milk, peanut butter) and that was a pretty nice dinner. I still like the tofu @ Kirin Court & Little Sichuan better, but theirs is probably(?) too soft to fry like that.

          And speaking of Little Sichuan I ended up eating mapo tofu for dinner there, the waitress did tell me it was vegetarian (still skeptical, but whatever...I was starving). I didn't notice and pork or anything but just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it's not there, plus it tasted ridiculously good which is always a sign of pork involvement. The numbness from the sichuan peppercorns mixed with the spice & heat and the soft soft tofu, felt damn near a religious experience, perhaps comparable to eating at Smitty's.

          I never did make it to Twin's after having Korean just two nights prior, but I'll check it out some time I want to go on a Korean stew journey, so thanks for that rec babar.

          1. re: luniz

            After the Korean small instestine stew the first time we met I will galdly join you on a better bowl of Korean stew!

            Loved the report about Little Sichuan "damn near religious experience" is how I feel every time I eat there.

        2. One of my favorite tofu dishes is the lemongrass tofu with string beans at Caravelle. The tofu and string beans are both fried and the sauce is kind of sweet, but not too sweet.