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[DFW] Best Salads at restaurants[DFW]

Since it is summer and at the hieght of the growing season. What are your favorite salads, where can they be found (please be specific-weblinks appreciated) and why you like them (i.e awesome dressing, unique combo of veggies/fruit, been around for years)? They can include meats but would also like simpler salads. Anywhere from chain to high end here in Dallas. If you can find out what is in it and share with us! This is your mission should you choose to accept it!

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  1. this is not at all what you had in mind, but I made myself a decent salad at Market St (in Allen) at their little salad bar and ate outside on their patio (yep, grocery store with outside patio area). Relatively cheap, good turkey, good dressing (some kind of herb-y vinaigrette). But not worth you making the trip all the way up. Otherwise, Jasmine does a papaya salad that's popular with some but then again the salad isn't really the exciting part.

    1. My FAVORITE is the grilled shrimp salad at AL Biernat's. My friend and I dine there often. She loves the Lobster salad.


      Also, the grilled Beef Tenderloin salad at Stephan Pyles is out of this world.


      1. I never get tired of the Grilled Salmon Salad at Zizik's - yummy! And Snappy Salads is really good, especially considering the no-frills ambience. Love not only their choices but also the quality of the ingredients offered.

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          I rarely recommend anything from chain restaurants but I recently had a pretty amazing salad at Cafe R&D (the same group that runs Houston's). It is a seared ahi tuna salad with beets, avocado goat cheese. I love beets, avocado ,and goat cheese individually and the combination in this salad really worked well. Plus, they didn't skimp in any of the ingredients. Granted the salad wasn't exactly cheap at $17 but I would definately order it again.

        2. Love the Caesar at Fireside Pies...Anchovies, dressing, all so fresh....Actually all of their salads look divine..Very fond of the club salad at Houstons...especially with the awesome Honey Mustard Dressing...add croutons and you have a salad from heaven ( as well as carbs, but hey, who's counting?)

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            All of the salads at Fireside Pies are fantastic and I'm not a big salad person either.

          2. My favorite place to make my own salad is at Eatzis. They have so many options (chicken, shrimp, salmon) and lots of toppings to choose from.

            For a chain salad, Panera is my current favorite. Their salads are seasonal. I just had the strawberry poppyseed salad and it was delicious.. This salad is made with fresh strawberries and blueberries, pineapple, Mandarin oranges, pecans and fat-free
            poppyseed dressing.

            Greenz is another great place for salads.

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              The shrimp salad at S&D Oyster Co is wonderful. Tons of chopped shrimp, mayo, with leafy lettuce. The grilled chicken salad at Houston's is my go to quick lunch meal (eat at the bar, and always ask for the cheese toast). Then, my new favorite was from Nonna the other night. 5 ingredients. Halved cherry tomatoes, chopped green olives, pine nuts, basil, and honey vinegar. Wow.

            2. Cafe Max. All they do is salads, soups, quiche and sandwiches. Amazing Chicken salad (with green/red peppers, apples, walnuts and a dressing that is light - not mayo based - that i have been trying to get the recipe to for years!)...a great pasta salad...nd the ceasar is amazing.


              1. I really like the salads at Dream Cafe in uptown. They are always very fresh and there cilantro lime vinaigrette is amazing. Hands down one of the best dressings I have ever had at a restaurant, I also really like cilantro. http://thedreamcafe.com/

                1. Hands down best salad I've tasted in Dallas in a long time - Thai Jungle Steak Salad at Houston's. Greens, large chunks of tender grilled steak, avocado, mango, basil, cilantro, carrots, peanuts, red bell pepper, ramen noodles, tomatoes, bean sprouts, all with a spicy ginger dressing. The flavors were balanced perfectly. I am still thinking of this salad 3 weeks later! The price is typical of Houston's - OVERPRICED! $14 if I remember correctly. But, I'll pretty much spend any amount of money on well prepared, delicious food served with a smile - this delivered. Of course, I sat at the bar and had a nice glass of wine to go with. Great lunch for under $20 and I was totally satisfied.
                  Next, I am going to try the "Cobb Style" lobster salad from BLT Steak. I hear its delish!

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                    FYI, BLT steak in Dallas has closed.

                  2. Maguire's has excellent salads...their "house" salad is made with a really sweet dressing, but it is tempered with toasted nuts and bleu cheese...very good. They also do a salad (I forget what they call it on the menu) with pearl couscous, raisens, arugula, shaved parm (and other stuff I am forgetting) and a choice of smoked salmon or chicken.

                    1. For just a casual lunch salad the Greek salad at Scotty Ps. Nothing fancy, but for a reasonable price when you office mates eat burgers it's a great choice and quite tasty.