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Kaffir Lime Leaf

Tried searching site for the leaves but no success. I had bought fresh leaves in Tacoma Park, but the place is gone now. Any Thai markets in northern DC that sell them?

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      Wegmans in Sterling/Ashburn VA. no longer carrys them

    2. There is a Thai market on Thayer at Fenton St in Silver Spring,almost always have little baggies of 10-12 in the freezer.Take cash,minimum pchs for credit cards and they only take one or two.

      301-495-2779 sometimes there is only limited english on site,if you need other things,a picture or old container won't hurt

      1. i finally had to order them on line. i will try to find the name of the place and post it. But there were several on line thai food supply sites.

        1. I have found fresh Kaffir Lime leaves in the herb section at the Whole Foods in the Kentlands several times over the past few months.

          1. If you don't mind frozen leaves -- which I use all the time in my Thai cooking -- can be found year round at Duangrat supermarket.

            1. I have had the same problem! my roommates mom is bringing some out with her from Oregon! Also - I hear they are pretty easy to grow if you can find a plant.

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                Small kaffir lime leaf trees are usually sold at the annual Thai Festival held at the Thai Temple in Silver Spring (13440 Layhill Road, Silver Spring, MD). Unfortunately, this year's festival has already come and gone - twas on May 18. They do quite well in a pot if you keep them in a sunny spot and don't let them freeze.

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                  They go quickly! Ours does usually take a dive through the winter, but so far as made it through 4.

              2. Besides the Thai market in Silver Spring, the H Mart on Georgia has had them and there is a Thai grocery called Hung Phat in Wheaton (near the metro) where I have seen them.

                1. If you can't find them in your area....A good mail order source is www.importfood.com. I've used them many times and have always been pleased.

                  1. Try eBay! For awhile my Asian market stopped carrying them and I found them on eBay, a huge bag full of leaves for a reasonable price.

                    1. Whole Foods carries them now. In the herbs/produce section.

                      1. I've bought them at LocalHarvest.com. You can order the keffir limes, too, when they're in season. They're grown in California.

                        1. I bought a dwarf kaffir lime tree from an online nursery for about $50. It's beautiful and frangrant in the summer, and I pull it in in the winter. It's not that big and in the fall it sheds leaves which i stick in a plastic zip lock and keep in my freezer. It works great!

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                            G mart (or is it super G?) on Gallows Rd and Rt 50 (in yorktown shopping center) has a good selection of thai stuff. I was able to find everything I need for pad thai there (palm sugar, tamarind) and I always see a huge selection of unfamiliar herbs/leaves/produce.