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Best fried chicken in Connecticut?

best fried chicken in connecticut?

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  1. No question in my mind whatsoever:

    Ancona's Supermarket, Route 7, Ridgefield.

    Yes, I know it is a supermarket. But is fantastic. Make sure to get it fresh at the counter adjoining the deli. If the chicken looks like it has been hanging out, just ask for a new batch and they will get it for you. You can get it either skin on or skin off. Your choice.

    I truly think it sets the gold standard for fried chicken (except of course for my own homemade).

    If you happen to be there at dinnertime, the same counter has some very good quality meals (prime rib, roast turkey, baby back ribs) as well.

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      thanks trish. my gf and i have a major fried chicken jones. so we'll give it a try.

    2. We like the chicken at the Drumstick on North Main Street in Bridgeport. Not as good as my mothers (which was the best, EVERYONE said so) or mine, but still decent. JMHO, Jay

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        Jay CT is this near Red Lobster in Bridgeport? If so when you order and come out you smell like a fryer. I don't think they clean there chicken good enough but it is a little tasty.

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          Chuckle. That's a recommendation? Doesn't sound like one to me.

      2. Anyone try The Chicken Joint in Plainville (formerly in Berlin/Kensington) ?
        From what I hear, the hands-on owner really brags about his fried chicken! He also does a lot of smoked food on-premises.

        1. I look forward to anyone's answer re: Chicken Joint in Plainville because I pass by there on my way to Saint's for awesome chili cheese dogs.
          I hear there's a great place in Bristol, CT called Greer's and I believe I've flat out asked about that place on this board but no one replied.

          Just to throw this out there but...don't knock Popeye's...I love their fried chicken...there's one in Hartford just off I84.

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            I second Popeyes. Hard to beat. And besides, you'd have to cook a month of Sundays to get red beans and rice yourself.

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              Popeye's there are 0 in FFD so can't we do without the fast food. How about some great soulfood places! There is one in Bridgeport, very good and great for sunday brunch. The name I forgot but near the courthouse I believe.

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                  Grier's is great. Odd location for sure, everything is to go, but the chicken is very good, and the fries, mashed w/gravey and coleslaw are all good too. This place is dangerously close to my house, but I've been good and limit my visits to once or twice a year ! Price is very good too!

                2. i know this is an old post. but sadly the Chicken Joint closed in Plainville... it was great while it lasted. rumor is the building has an impossible landlord. Frascone's an Italian place is there now.

                  1. Ancona's in Ridgefield is still there and the chicken is still excellent.

                    1. Junior's has the best (and biggest portion) of fried chicken around. However, don't buy their pricey cookbook and think you can replicate it. . .the recipe in it is not even close to what they serve.

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                        Garden Catering Stamford and elsewhere http://www.gardencatering.net/
                        Jeff's Cuisine Norwalk http://www.jeffscuisine.com/

                        Jeff's Cuisine
                        54 N Main St, Norwalk, CT 06854

                        Garden Catering
                        185 1/2 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich, CT 06870

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                          Garden Catering seems like an odd choice as fried chicken doesn't seem to be on their very extensive catering menu.

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                            Actually Fried Chicken is Garden's signature offering, both by pieces and their infamous "nuggets" with special seasoning that seems to have a special appeal to dayworkers and teens, in need of a jolt of grease.

                            Everything totally undistinguished. Not that Connecticut is famous for its Fried Chicken, but Garden hardly qualifies as the best in State. Even greasier than 5 Guys fries. Chicken not even close to KFC, if that tells you anything.

                            At the end of the day, fried chicken is family throwback time. Best fixed at home (preferably on a Sunday afternoon) served with buttery mashed potatoes, pocketed with chicken gravy, augmented by sides of creamy cole slaw and corn on the cob. Maybe a frosty mug of Sam. Certainly a slice of warm apple pie ala mode.

                            Then, the next morning 10 miles on the tread.

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                              Louuuu is right in that Garden Catering did get it's start as a fried chicken place; (I've been eating there since it was Garden Poultry back in the 80s) but will admit, I'm not a giant fan of their actual fried chicken pieces. It's crunchy and the chicken is cooked well, I just don't think the batter has much flavor to it (they will offer to put seasoned salt on it for you) and the chicken itself isn't special tastewise either.

                              Their nuggets, (and the endless specials that have evolved from them,) on the other hand, are awesome. Not sure of too many places that still hand-cut their chicken nuggets, but Garden definitely does, and they do them right. Back in the 80s, the nuggets were bigger chunks than they are today, but the recipe is the same and they are wonderful.

                              IMHO, a Garden Catering special of nuggets and fries in a foil bag with seasoning and bbq/honey mustard sauce is one of the great food pleasures of lower FFD county.

                              And in my opinion, the food at Garden Catering and Chicken Joe's (formerly Garden Catering in Cos Cob, who struck out on his own, and just opened a new store near Byram on Rt.1) is pretty much the same. They both use the same recipe; they've both transitioned from the old liquid shortening to trans-fat free oil for their fryers, and even their sauces are the same. (Although Chicken Joe's did experiment with a different Honey Mustard for a while, they're back to their old one)

                              Chicken Joe's
                              235 E Putnam Ave, Cos Cob, CT 06807

                              Garden Catering
                              185 1/2 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich, CT 06870

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                            I agree, Garden catering has great fried chicken! They have one in Fairfield now, ( Blackrock) Anyone remember "Reddi Rooster" in Stamford years ago? That was the best....And this is about as close as you get!

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                              I think some of the Garden catering outlets have re-branded (or re-re-branded) to Reddi Rooster. I noticed that as I drove up High Ridge the other day.

                        2. This thread reminded me of my childhood. My mom would take me and my brother to whalers games and a fried chicken dinner at the chicken coop. Anyone remember the coop and the best onion rings on the planet?

                          It also reminds me of the broasted chicken in colony beach in old lyme. Which like the donut place, is long gone.

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                            OMG I was drooling and thinking about the Chicken Coop as I was reading this thread and then there was your post. it was the best with killer onion rings. Those were the days, we ate there Sat afternoon!

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                              +1 for Chicken Coop......those rings were awesome!

                          2. where can I find Korean fried chicken in CT? Just had some in NYC and I am in love with this kind of chicken.

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                              That's an excellent question. I think you should start a new post for it because I'd like to see the replies.

                            2. I don't eat a whole lot of fried chicken because 1. There isn't a culture of it around here, as far as I can tell, so I haven't known where to get good fried chicken outside of home made. and 2. I've reached the age where I have to limit the amount of fried foods I eat and this here is seafood country.

                              That said, Rudy's in New Haven makes a damn fine fried chicken, the batter is yummy, the bird is moist and full of flavor. I ordered it on a whim and it surprised the hell out of me. I really do like the food at Rudy's since they moved and reconceptualized the place. The folks in the kitchen put heart and art into the food. And there's a lot of good beer going on as well.

                              1. Had very, very good fried chicken from Uncle Willie's in Seymour. Nice coating, sort of reminiscent of KFC but tastier (a little hotter and much less salty) -- but unlike KFC, there's actually chicken under the coating. Some of the pieces were quite large; and they were moist but done. The place is seriously a hole in the wall (one table, I think) so it's a takeout destination; but we'll definitely be back for more. The BBQ is delicious too, but that's another story.

                                1. I rarely order fried chicken when I eat out. However, during a recent trip to Mohegan Sun, I was told by our waitress at Bobby Flay's Bar Americain that their version was a "must try."

                                  There will never be any comparison in my opinion. Crispy, perfectly seasoned and absolutely amazing.

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                                    I love that this thread is 4 years old and still going! I've got Greer's in Bristol on my to-do list http://articles.courant.com/2011-12-0...
                                    Also, FYI, I've noticed that The Chicken Joint had reopened on the Berlin Turnpike, Berlin, (near Pine Loft) but now I see that it is closed again in April '12, according to their fb page.

                                  2. I enjoy Sandra's in New Haven on Congress: http://www.sandrasnextgeneration.com/
                                    I also love Mama Mary's Soul Food in New Haven on Whalley: http://www.mamamarysoulfood.com/defau...

                                    I think they are all relatives, but I could be wrong. Sandra's on Whitney closed quite awhile ago.

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                                      Highly recommend Cast Iron Soul on Congress. Delicious food all around. Lovely couple run the restaurant, focusing on New Orleans/Southern cooking. My husband loved their fried chicken.


                                    2. New place in West hartford on Park Road, Hearty Kitchen has very good fried chicken, unfortunately they are closed now and I need to feed that jones! Greer's whom I've never tried ain't answering their phone so now I need to drive to Popeye's for my fix.

                                      I did see some comments below about the Chicken Coop in Hartford. Anyone remember the french woman who worked the takeout counter late nite?

                                      Their fried chicken was great, one of the reasons is they used kosher chickens from Waybest in South Windsor. The fried chicken was greaseless too.

                                      Unlike the Onion Rings, which sat in a pool of grease, yet despite this, or maybe because of this, their onion rings were the best ever! They simply cannot be duplicated. I have been on the Onion Ring Holy Grail ever since, and nobody's have ever come close.

                                      I miss that place, and if they were still open I know where I would be heading to feed my addiction!

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                                        Thanks for the tip about the Hearty Kitchen. I have been dying for some good fried chicken - I will have to check this place out.

                                      2. Anyone try NY Chicken & Biscuits on Farmington Ave in Hartford? We are trying to find a fried chicken place like the Drumstick in Bridgeport in the Hartford area. Greer's in Bristol is kind of far and out of the way for us. Any others around the Hartford area we can check out? Jay

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                                          people love NY chicken and biscuits on Yelp. I hear about it often.