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Jul 18, 2008 09:37 AM

good unagi donburi in west l.a.?

Hello, my 3 year-old son is craving grilled eel, and we're new to Los Angeles. I'd be grateful if someone could recommend a child-friendly Japanese restaurant on the Westside where grilled eel is served. We'd prefer unajuu/unagi donburi, but unagi sushi will do. Thanks!

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  1. May I suggest the Mitsuwa Marketplace on the corner of Centinela and Venice Blvd. They have a small but good foodcourt in the market. including donburi. (cash only)

    1. Not sure if Beverly Hills is too far, but I'm a fan of the donburi @ Boss Sushi on La Cienega.

      1. Hide Sushi on Sawtelle north of Olympic (cash only) and U-Zen on Santa Monica Blvd and Brockton both have a decent unagi. Hide definitely will seat a child, U-Zen not 100% sure, but probably okay - it's not shrine-like, like Urasawa.

        1. We ended up at Mitsuwa, mainly because the food court was serving food early enough for our son's usual dinnertime. We were going to try Sushi Yabu on Pico, but they don't open until 6 pm. I don't know if anyone has been there. We'll definitely try Hide. Boss Sushi looks too fancy for our son. Thanks to all!

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            Any report you would like to post on the food you all had at Mitsuwa? This is why we are here, after all. ;-D

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              So sorry about that! It's a bit late now, and I don't quite remember everything, but we go to Mitsuwa's food court every once in a while now. The eel dish was pretty decent -- not the best but certainly not the worst. I can't remember the name of the place that serves donburi-type dishes. We've had the shio ramen more often -- the pork is really, really yummy. My wife had udon from the udon place -- that was pretty mediocre.

          2. check out taiko in brentwood.