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Best Delis in Vancouver

What are the best Montreal and New York style Delis in Vancouver? We are looking for good corned beef and pastrami sandwiches (e.g. Shwartz's, Carnegie)

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  1. I've looked. I haven't found anything yet.

    1. Closest thing is Kaplan's on Oak St.

      1. Whenever I'm in Montreal, I just buy an entire brisket from Schwartz's and haul it back to Vancouver, freeze it and eat it when I have a smoked meat craving. It keeps really well, and it's easier than trying a bunch of delis and being disappointed each time.

        Let us know if you find a good place!

        1. i have a thread going about the best rueben in Edmonton- but i travel to Vancouver and surrounding area as well, so if anyone has any opinions on the best reuben in Vancouver and surrounding area, please let me know.

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            I know it's not a deli but has anyone tried PHAT? I believe their West 4th outpost is on the verge of opening. Maybe could be an option for a smoked meat fix on the fly??

            Phat On 4th
            1859 4th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6J1M4, CA

          2. We ended up skipping deli in Vancouver except buying a couple dozen bagels at Siegel's on Cornwall to take home ( Edmonton). I meant to ask him where he sources his smoked meat but he was not in. We did not try it as we were on our way to Go Fish.

            1. I have looked and tasted several MSM sandwiches in Vancouver and, unfortunately, Kaplan's really is the best I've had here. Their smoked meat is flown in from Lester's in Montreal which, while not a Schwartz, is not bad - and you can order the sandwich lean or deliciously not lean. I tried PHAT in Yaletown last year and thought it was a little on the dry side. There is a corned beef guy at the Granville Island market (not a permanent stall but a regular 'middle-of-the-aisles' vendor) and it's pretty good, but I'm no expert. Plus, when i go to Granville Island, I get so distracted by Oyama and its amazing non-East Coast deli offerings.

              p.s. so far, nothing I've tried in Vancouver has come close to the artery-lining awesomeness of a Katz' pastrami sandwich... oh well, at least we don't get 80% humidity in 30 degree heat.

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                Montreal and NYC delis make visiting those cities that much more special.

                For a quick fix....I will lose my Chowhound membership for this...I often go the Costco cafeteria and eat one of their sandwiches. They get their meat from Dunn's.

              2. I usually got to Zako's @ Broadway & Cambie, pretty good! Or, I'll got to Solly's at Yukon.
                Nothing comes close to the pastrami rueben I had at Katz' in NY a month ago! I still think of it!

                1. I also go to Costco for the Dunn's sandwich. It's really sad that the best pastrami in Vancouver is at a place like that. As a matter of fact, concerning food, Vancouver is lacking in a lot of areas. I'm from LA and I was shocked at the state of things here. I think you have Asian and Indian covered. How about something else.

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                    You can't really compare LA to Vancouver. Depending on how you slice it, Vancouver's population is perhaps one-fifth the size of LA. As far as NY and Montreal style delis - I hear complaints in the LA board that they are hard to come by in LA as well.

                    Compared to (for example) Seattle, Portland, Milwaukee, Charlotte, OK City, Denver...cities of similar size, I think Vancouver is doing just fine gastronomically.

                    I would love to have the regional Mexican, Korean that you Angelenos have, though. LA has the best ethnic scene in North America for sure.