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Jul 18, 2008 09:25 AM

Best Delis in Vancouver

What are the best Montreal and New York style Delis in Vancouver? We are looking for good corned beef and pastrami sandwiches (e.g. Shwartz's, Carnegie)

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  1. I've looked. I haven't found anything yet.

    1. Closest thing is Kaplan's on Oak St.

      1. Whenever I'm in Montreal, I just buy an entire brisket from Schwartz's and haul it back to Vancouver, freeze it and eat it when I have a smoked meat craving. It keeps really well, and it's easier than trying a bunch of delis and being disappointed each time.

        Let us know if you find a good place!

        1. i have a thread going about the best rueben in Edmonton- but i travel to Vancouver and surrounding area as well, so if anyone has any opinions on the best reuben in Vancouver and surrounding area, please let me know.

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            I know it's not a deli but has anyone tried PHAT? I believe their West 4th outpost is on the verge of opening. Maybe could be an option for a smoked meat fix on the fly??

            Phat On 4th
            1859 4th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6J1M4, CA

          2. We ended up skipping deli in Vancouver except buying a couple dozen bagels at Siegel's on Cornwall to take home ( Edmonton). I meant to ask him where he sources his smoked meat but he was not in. We did not try it as we were on our way to Go Fish.