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Jul 18, 2008 09:08 AM

Eng's restaurant bellmore li

Is eng's chinese restaurant in bellmore long island closed ??

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  1. i passed there the other has a new name,and new owners i would imagine.

    1. alas, it is no more ... i wonder what happened. it was an INSTITUTION, lol.

      anyhoo, it's been replaced by a new schezuan-style joint, shanghai palace. supposedly, the new place is an offshoot of a port washington restaurant, and has gotten rave reviews, but my hubby and i gave it a shot last night and were extremely disappointed. thin and tasteless hot and sour soup - it's a meatless base, so you miss that roast pork flavor. moo goo gai pan was simply canned mushrooms and sliced carrots!!! -- no bok choy, baby corn, snow peas, or water chestnuts. and the fried rice didn't have any onions. odd. all in all, bland and no 'crunch' across the board -- no texture at all, and i'm so upset over it ... :-( anyone know of an 'eng's-comparable' take out in the south wantagh/seaford, bellmore/merrick area???

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        My guess would be a place named Shanghai Palace, the cuisine would reflect the cooking style of that region. If that's the case the things you ordered would not be the best choices. If it is an offshoot of the PW place they should be serving Soupy Buns, Lions Head, Braised Pork Shoulder etc.
        Maybe Kwong Ming in Wantagh fits your criteria.

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          I agree. Kwong Ming in Wantagh has the same drab, dark, dank decor that made Eng's shine so brightly. Kwong Ming also has the same type of throwback 70s style Cantonese as Engs. Their take out is good but make sure you check your order before you leave. The last time I took out from Kwong Ming they left out a dish that we had ordered and I had to schlepp back to get it!!!!

        2. I cant believe that Engs is closed! I loved Kenny!!
          Hubby and I moved to Suffolk County 3 yrs ago and still occassionally took a ride to the old neighborhood for Engs big bowl of soup and delicious food! Also the hospitality after going there for over 20 yrs..Imagine our surprise when we met relatives in from Fla..and wound up eating at the new place..The food sucked and the service did too...
          Kenny Where are you!!!
          Now I really have no reason to go back to Bellmore!!
          Bonnie & Bonnies husband!!

          1. Shang Hai Pavillion II has replaced Engs on Merrick Rd. in Bellmore.

            Finally a Shanghai-style restaurant shows up on south shore of Long Island-YAY! No more trips to Bethpage or Flushing for Juicy Dumplings!

            This is another Chef Zong establishment and for the time being, it's excellent. Great variety on the menu and very attentive service, even on a packed-house night recently. Highest recomendation, and a welcome addition to the neighborhood!

            (Zong's Shanghai in Bethpage has had a huge downward slide in food (bulletproof juicy buns) and service (hectic, unfocused, annoying) since he left a while back. They recently even added a Sushi bar, tsk tsk...)

            Eng's is no more, but there are any number of Chow-mein houses you can go to elsewhere (including the dreadful Kwong Ming in Wantagh or House of Schlong in RVC!) for that type of old-school Cantonese/La Choy glop/slop. Bon appetite!