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Jul 18, 2008 09:03 AM

Recent Openings on Dundas West

I just wanted to tout the opening of a few places on the Dundas West strip between Dufferin and Lansdowne.

Multiple Organics (Sheridan and Dundas) - Serving fresh Ontario produce, meat and other environmentally friendly goodies. I've been buying their red and white cherries recently and have been eating them like popcorn. Last night I tried their "curry night" deal which is two curries and a naan or samosas for $15. I had the Rojan Josh Beef Curry and it was quite nice. For that deal, I will definitely be making a return visit. The people there are also VERY friendly.

She Takes the Cake (closer to Brock) - This bakery has been open for a bit now. The Dulce De Leche Cheesecake is to die for as well as the chocolate bouchon which I am told is a combo of brownie/chocolate cake. Decadent indeed. They also sell fresh Gryfe's bagels. Great to have some bagels in the area!

Cafe Lula - I've mentioned this place before and have been back since. Small menu but good brunch.. at least the Tres Huevos which I've had both times.

People have been talking about the food at Gaucho's (corner of Lansdowne and Dundas)which opened last year. Everytime I've had the chicken from here I've found it dry and tasteless but I have yet to try any of the other Brazilian food which seems to have piqued some interest and taste buddery.

Very happy about all these additions to the nabe and I encourage you to check them out!

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  1. thanks for the report. i too have been happy with these additions. multiple organics is owned by acquaintances of mine, and from all reports it sounds like they've been welcomed by the neighbourhood.

    glad to hear about she takes the cake. i haven't yet been, but have meant to check it out. besides bagels, do they carry any other breads?

    i too like tres huevos at lula. my friends' have been taken by their goat cheese salad. and let's not forget the various mojitos!

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      I actually haven't been to Lula for an evening event. I must do that soon.

      They have croissants but I don't think they serve any great varieties of bread unfortunately.

    2. Had the Tres Huevos at Lula for lunch awhile back, I'd agree that it's quite good. Two problems for me: 1) Quite a small selection 2) Practically no one knows about it, and I'm super-worried that they're going to stop serving lunch and just stick with their evening dinner/ dance schtick. Guess I better just eat there more, eh?

      I've personally really liked Gaucho's since they opened. Their chicken has consistently been tender and tasty (can't say that about most every other churrasqueira place in the area). The potato balls aren't that good, but the rice I had the other night was surprisingly tasty. It's gotten a bit pricey, IMO, ~$22 gets you a 'family meal' with one chicken, potatos, rice and salad. When they opened, it was $12.99 (sans salad)... could hardly afford NOT to eat there which, I'm sure, was the point.

      I see that what used to be a bar beside Bento's Auto (Dundas & Sheridan) has closed and is being turned into "Henhouse Bruch"... the folks at Multiple Organics have chatted with the new owners, they're migrating from a hip place on Queen St. if I recall, opening in 'early October'. Yum!

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      1. re: goofibulator

        I too noticed the henhouse brunch sign and am quite excited since it is right at the corner of my street! Did they say which place on queen?

        Lula has been changing up the menu with different offerings. I had a poached egg on polenta dish there last week which was incredible. I love that there are no lineups. It's fast becoming my favourite brunch in the city.

        I'd also recommend the treats at She Takes Thr Cake. The cookies and bouchons are delicious.

        1. re: goofibulator

          Re: Gauchos


          I just had a quarter chicken meal. Oooooooh, Nooooooooooo! I was so very disappointed. Now, I came a tad late in the evening, granted. By late, I mean 7pm. The chicken itself had the texture of leather. You know, that rough, raw, tough texture that most churrasqueira chicken takes if you're more than 5 minutes past it's optimum serving time.

          The rice was still good.

          But, the chicken is supposed to be the star, and it sucked... say it ain't so!


        2. i saw a grb or something place?? grains, something.. beans.... looks like a rather large cafe. any word on that? the words in the name seemed to imply vegetarian.

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          1. re: pinstripeprincess

            Grain, Curd & Bean. It's primarily a cheese shop (Curd) that also sells bread (Grain), coffee (Bean), and a few other things. They also have a small selection of eat-in items.

            1. re: gregclow

              ah thanks! any comments on their wares?