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Jul 18, 2008 08:48 AM

out of towner - mid priced reccommendations


I'm in town for 3 night with my wife.

We've boooked at Babbo and Cafe Boloud for 2 of the nights.
Looking for a recco for the last night

Was thinking of
Eleven Madison Park
or any other ideas.

Willing to spend upto about $200-250 with wine.

Not really interested in asian, since we get lots of great asian in Toronto.


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  1. EMP for a 3 course meal is $82 each. With tax and tip, that's over $200 right there, not leaving much of a budget for wine.

    1. While it's true that $250 doesn't appear to leave much room for wine at EMP, the sommeliers there will definitely be able to suggest bottles or wines by the glass which can fit that budget.

      If you want to have a bit more budgetary breathing room, so to speak, Fleur de Sel would be another fine choice. The contemporary French cuisine is superb, and the 3-course prix-fixe is $76.

      Tocqueville, which has an a la carte dinner menu, is also an excellent option for wonderful Modern French cuisine.

      Enjoy and Bon Appetit!