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Jul 18, 2008 08:29 AM

Problems finding new toasted onion Saltines?

Hi everyone,

Recently, a new flavor of Premium Saltines came out-- toasted onion. I really like them-- very good flavor, great for snacking at work. Now, within the past 2-3 months, I've had a hard time finding them (in Austin, TX).

Has anyone else been "bitten" by these crackers, and are they now hard to find?



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  1. My wife and I also enjoyed the new saltines,so much we bought 4 boxes,in IL,we live in Arakansas.We found out about them through a friend who's daughter worked at a Sullivans Food Store. We have tried to find more to give to relatives but,no luck since April. Our friends daughter now tells us,she called Premium and,they will no longer make the product. What a shame

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      Oh please let me know if any one does find them. I love them. I live in ohio and I found to make chilli better. But, when I went to buy more there were none. I found mine at a Biglots store.

      1. re: michaelj407

        I'd assume they've been discontinued. Have a co-worker whose s/o works for nabisco, or kraft, or whatever the maker is. She brings in discontinued items all the time. About 6 mos ago, she brought in Toasted Onion Saltines - about 20 boxes of them - all free to good homes. She is a great source for crackers, cookies, etc. Every month or so, she brings in boxes of something free to good homes. I don't know for a FACT that they've been discontinued, but if I were a gambling man...

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          Try putting in your zip code here:

          Its the Kraft site

    2. The original comment has been removed