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Jul 18, 2008 08:26 AM

Good Chow along I-77 (W. Va-Va)

Through West Virginia to Roanoke Virginia. We're driving from Cleveland for a visit.

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  1. well that is a tall order.

    i am from parkersburg and went to school in marietta, ohio, which is just across the border up from WV. i went to grad school at unc so i have driven that road a lot. i've seen some suggestions for places down in virginia that others might be able to mention again.

    in the area around parkersburg and marietta there isn't a whole lot to recommend that is near the interstate. if you want a slightly extended stop there are a few places in marietta that are a few minutes off of the interstate, about a 5-10 minute drive (traffic) off of I-77. the levee house can be nice (it's been a few years since i've been) for lunch. you get a really nice river view from there and the downtown is a lot nicer now than it was when i was in school.

    after charleston you are on the turnpike and there is nothing except tamarack until you get to princeton. tamarack is a large, state-run building hosting arts and crafts and food. one restaurant there has been good in the past, alleged to be run by some offshoot of the greenbrier hotel -- my parents have eaten there in the past and been happy with it.

    after that it's pretty sparse to wytheville where you'd take 81 to roanoke.

    that's a long "no". there used to be several places in parkersburg and marietta i'd recommend but unfortunately they are gone (yielky's, brownie's bakery).