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Favorite Iced Coffee

With summer fully in swing I was wondering where everyone goes to cool off with an iced coffee. Looking to try some tasty suggestions other than DD or McDonalds haha. My favorite place was Archies in Downtown Crossing. It was just New England coffee so nothing special but it was always made with the perfect amount of milk and sugar. What else is out there?

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  1. Flat Black on Broad Street. Terrific coffee.
    Peet's - there's one at the South Station end of Federal. Their large iced coffee is only $2 and they make excellent dark coffee.

    1. I like Peet's, and Velouria in JP.

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        Peet's has the best commercially made iced coffee; they make the coffee to the right strength.

        However, I like my own iced coffee a lot, which I make using Trader Joe's "Ultra Roast" (though they may have changed the name recently) Dark Sumatra. I make it very strong, so the coffee is thick, almost like Vietnamese coffee. It tastes delicious, stands up to the melting ice, and of course delivers a good caffeine kick. I sometimes add milk or cream, but never sweeteners.

      2. The Berkeley Perk. I usually ask for extra ice as I like it very very very cold. It is delicious!

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          The Brown Sugar Flavour at PS coffee in South Boston. they have a ton of flavours, but that one...off to get one now

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            Thanks for all the suggestions! I just tried Berkeley Perk because it was one of the first suggestions that was right down the road. I definitely second this place.

          2. There's a place on Broadway in South Boston next to the courthouse called Java Stop that has about 50 different flavors of iced coffee. Yes, that's 50 varieties of artificial flavor chemicals. But they make 'em the way you want 'em in sizes up to 32 oz. Friendly help behind the counter too.

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              Isn't it Java House? Or did they change?

              In any case, I love their "Thin Mint" flavor - tastes like the girl scout cookie!

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                It probably is Java House. I was struggling remembering the name as I was typing my post--- I only know for sure that it's next to the courthouse, and there's an old bowling alley nearby.

                I like thin mint, choc raspberry and banana flavors there.

            2. For downtown crossing the answer is simple: Olga's Cafe which is in the 99 Summer St. building at the Bedford St. entrance. The coffee is good and they have some pretty good rotating flavors if you are into that: French Toast, Birthday Cake, Cafe Blues, etc. The price is reasonable (2.55 for a large) and Olga and the rest of the staff are very friendly and courteous.

              1. Funny I should come on here after just coming back from the Red Barn in the Medical Area. Price has jumped from $1.95 to $2.50 but it's worth it. There's one in Fanueil Hall too.

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                  Where in Faneuil hall is it? I walk through there every day and that sounds like a good idea to stop.

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                    It's in the historic Faneuil Hall - Right front corner/entrance, if you are standing on Congress Street. I second Joanie's recommendation.

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                      Of course, it is in the actual Faneuil Hall, I am just so used to people using the term Faneuil Hall as a catch all for anything in Quincy Market, North and South Market etc. I had an iced coffee there this AM, it was really good, thanks for the suggestion. That is directly on my way to work and has all the makings of becoming a regular stop for me.

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                        Awesome! We have had the same experience with "Faneuil Hall." I thought the Quincy Market building was called Faneuil Hall for the longest time (before I moved here).

                        In cooler weather, most of the baristas also have been properly trained to make a right proper cappuccino - much better than Starbuck's. Only maybe 1 in 10 is too heavy with milk, not ideally foamed.

                2. I like the iced coffee at 1369