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Jul 18, 2008 08:12 AM


Tried this place for the first time last night. We got there at 6pm and ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio ($6) and a beer.

For appetizers we ordered the BBQ oysters and were told about 5 minutes later they were out but they could do the oysters Rouxafeller. The basic rockefeller toppings, but WAY too salty and I like salt more than most people. They were also very small. An order of 5 was $9.

For entrees we got the shrimp & crawfish etoufee for $16 and the ponchitrain shrimp for $19. Both were what I would have considered small plates rather than full entrees. The sauces were very good if a bit rich.

Definitely could have used some bread to balance out the richness and sop up the sauces.

While the food was tasty, it wasn't filling and for that price there are lots of other places I want to try before I would go back here.

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  1. I've tried this place once before. Crab cakes for appetizer - too much filling, just mediocre overall.

    Chicken pasta dish for an entree. I did enjoy the flavor. It was extremely rich, but I enjoy very rich food.

    I am a cream based pasta nut, so I would definitely go here again when I have a craving for that pasta dish.

    Be warned though - there is absolutely nothing "special" or unique about this pasta. It's just your hum ho usual cream based pasta dish with chicken.

    Somehow, I never get tired from the lack of variety and simplicity, but that's just me.

    1. Just to link them up, overall, I was underwhelmed, but here's my more detailed post:

      1. It's not 3 star Michelin but it's really not too bad. If you go during happy hour (3-7, 7 days a week), you can get some pretty tasty food for really good prices, plus if you sit by the windows, the people watching can be amusing. Stick w/ the gulf-style or Cajun seafood dishes and you should be OK. I have never been wowed by their dishes, but I have been a couple times for the happy hour on Saturday afternoon and have always enjoyed myself.

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          While I haven't made it during a happy hour, for their normal meal hours, they charge like it is a 3 star meal. I have a soft spot for cajun/creole food, and I just wasn't impressed, though, it has been a while.

          I will agree, people watching on 6th can be highly entertaining.

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            Hmm to be honest I did not think the prices were that outrageous, but maybe they have upped the prices since I have been there last. It's been a while, for me.

            Anybody have a current online menu with prices for Roux?

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              If the portion sizes were bigger, the prices wouldn't seem as inflated

              1. re: amykragan

                hmm that's odd. i wonder if they are only showing the lunch menu because I don't see that chicken pasta dish that I had last time. Hopefully they just aren't showing the full menu online.

        2. Roux has had great food every time I have been there. Both owners, Dan and Chad are committed to making the experience enjoyable. There oysters are always fresh. They have great crawfish during the season. It could be the 2-3 Hurricanes we have at the bar before dinner, but we have always enjoyed Roux.

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            Closed for good! Now it's remodeled as Bikini's Sports Bar