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Jul 18, 2008 08:03 AM

Differerent lunch request for Upper West Side/Central Park West Area

So instead of the relaxing sit-down lunch I thought I'd have at Cafe Boulud (sorry, sp?), I now will have to travel directly from my appt. in the city to CT and then back home. Looking therefore for something I can pick up and (relatively) safely drive with - neat wrap/sandwich type thing that's somewhat healthy and delicious. Price is not an issue since there will be a lot of schlepping around! :-) Any thoughts for portable food in the area? I will be very pressed for time and heading to the Henry Hudson from there so I need it to be in the general vicinity of the 70's - Thanks!

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  1. Grandaisy Bakery has nice sandwiches or you could get a good slice. That's at 72 and Bdwy. Levain Bakery also has some sandwiches -- that's at 74 and Amsterdam.

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      Agreed. And add Jacques Torres Chocolates to your list (Amsterdam, between 73rd and 74th.

      You could collect delicious lunch and sweets visiting those three places. You could even grab a quick hot dog at Grey's Papaya.