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Softshell Crabs

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Fellow Chowhounders,

A friend of mine really likes softshell crabs. Having never partaken of this delicacy, I am at a loss. I have heard good things about their preparation at Casablanca, and have once seen soft shell crabs at Fuloon, but I would be very happy to receive additional recommendations, especially for recently consumed preparations at relatively upscale (or very upscale) settings.

Many thanks!

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  1. For a relatively upscale setting, you could try Rendezvous which has it on the current menu. I have to confess being underwhelmed on my most recent visit (a business meal), primarily with service, but the softshell app was excellent and seafood is a strength of theirs. Another hound had a much more positive experience.

    1. Last year, I was in the same position as you, having never tried softshell crabs. So, I opted for Neptune Oyster figuring if anyone would do them right, they would. They had them as a special on the menu, so you may want to call and check. Also, as I was walking by LTK the other day, I noticed someone being served a really delicious looking fried softshell crab sandwich.

      1. I actually had some very good soft shell crabs at Montien, the Thai place in the theatre district. It was quite good and different (I'm used to a very basic pan or deep fried preparation). The portion was huge.

        1. I had some scrumptious small soft shell crabs stir fried with chopped vegetables at a downscale place last week--Xinh Xinh in Chinatown.

          1. I prefer the asian preparations of soft-shell crab as well. I recommend the soft-shell crab dish at Peach Farm.

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              Good suggestion. Surprisingly, I thought the soft shell crabs with ginger (don't remember how it was listed on the menu) was better than the salt and pepper soft shell crabs this year.

            2. as an fyi -- most asian places serve frozen softshells, which are available year-round. (spider maki, anybody?) however, i don't think most folks can tell the difference.

              clio usually does them in season in a corn and bacon sauce which is killer.

              1. I also had a really good version of the S&P soft shell crab at East Chinatown in Quincy. Comparable to Peach Farm in Chinatown.