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Jul 18, 2008 07:40 AM

5th & Lavaca

You guys (and girls) are always so much help. Where to get a quick and casual meal in this area? We are headed into town for a show at Antones this weekend and will probably take a cab from Town Lake Holiday Inn. We also will have car on Friday nite and need ideas in the area, again for casual, good chow and/or happy hour. Thanks

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  1. I'd recommend Ginger Man at 4th and Guadalupe, since it's about to be demolished and moved to make way for yet another condo. The beer garden outside is terrific and they whip up a pretty tasty roast beef sandwich. Oh and they have a drool-worthy beer selection.

    If you don't mind just standing on the sidewalk and eating, there's a new Hog Island Deli (walk-up window service) at 5th and Lavaca that makes some of the tastiest sandwiches in town.

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      It sickens me that the soul of the Warehouse District (The Ginger Man) is going away--but one food item you gotta try is their Turkey Sandwich with curry and cranberry--great flavor, interesting mix, and goes with almost any beer they have.

      Another place not mentioned yet is Maiko Sushi, on 6th, west of the Belmont (between Lavaca and Guadalupe)--great food, sushi, plus Japanese fusion. You won't believe the array of entrees besides the usual sushi selections. As far as the sushi goes, the Hamachi, or Yellow Tail, is just a whisker shy of top-notch, and only places of Uchi's caliber (not many here) have appreciably better quality fish. The service is incredibly professional. And the sous chefs from there are pretty nice guys, too.

    2. Malaga Wine and Tapas Bar - just ok, but acceptable and accessible
      Belmont - search this board for details. Not as casual
      219 West - I really like this place for a casual meal with a few friends.

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        All sound like great ideas-thanks. I know my husband will love the Belmont!

      2. We had a blast! We first went to Belmont, pretty god crowd on the patio downstairs. We shared a appetizer of fired calamari-it was tasty. Husband has glass of red wine and I had a mojito-not very good. We walked down to Gingerbread Man-lots of guys drinkng beer on the patio. I tried a St. Arnolds Lawnmover on the bartenders rec, very good. Then we went to 219 West, this was my favorite of all. It was dark, lively, fun and had a happy hour till 9. We heard the matinis were 1/2 off, so we tried both the jamaicatini (so-so) and the chocolatini (very good) The half priced appetizers all looked good but decided to grab a hot italian sandwich from Hog Island Deli and go back to room. It was good, like the balsamic and oil, which we requested on the side. The bread was a little too chewy.

        We also enjoyed Marias Taco Express the next day. And in SoCo, the Enoteca Vespaio sausage pizza. We headed to Lockhart on Sunday and got BBQ to go at both Blacks and Smittys, will have it tonite. We had lunch at Mr. Taco. I was leery of trying new mexican place, since I have my favs here, but it was all very good, shared a chicken flauta plate-3 huge flautas, good beans. All in all, a great weekend. Todd Rungren concert at Antones another highlight!

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          I think it's great that you reported back to those who gave you such good info. Thanks!