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Jul 18, 2008 07:36 AM

1 day in San Francisco- food must haves

Eating my way through San Fran this Monday,

I'd like to sample as much as I can in one day with an emphasis on inexpensive food that ral San Fran folks like to eat. Recommendations/specific eateries are appreciated. I have abitmore of a budget for dinner but would like to keep it on the cheap in the daytime. A few ideas:

good burritos
dum sum

thanks so much!


I am staying in union sq but am willing to travel all over the city.

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  1. burritos: my favorite (although you can get them cheaper and larger elsewhere) is La Taqueria at 25th and Mission
    dim sum: Koi Palace (in Daly City)
    seafood: Ame for the sashimi and the sake marinated black cod
    italian: Perbacco

    1. How are you getting around? If you only have one day, then the difficulty in getting to a place, or from place to place, is an important factor.

      1. burritos, take a look at:

        If you don't want to travel to the Mission, try Taqueria Cancun at 6th and Market. 6th is a little bit hairy but if you stay on Market you'll be fine.

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          It's not hairy in the daytime, though. ;)

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            Totally agree. :) It's not hairy to me at night, or by other big city standards, but I'm considering travelers.

        2. Where are you coming from? "Must haves" vary depending on what you can get at home. This topic's a good place to start:

          1. If you want a wide selection to "sample" from and don't need a sit-down place, I'd recommend the Ferry Building. Yes, it's super-duper touristy, but you know what? There's a reason for it. If nothing ELSE, you need to hit up Acme Bread there--it's also very affordable (I walked 1 hour and ~2 miles out of my way at 8 AM yesterday for bread.)


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              well, if you're going to be in the Ferry Building anyway, make sure to stop by Frog Hollow Farms for some fruit and pastry.