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Jul 18, 2008 07:36 AM

great place to eat near Front St?

I'm staying near Front and Yonge St. next month and am going out for a special anniversary dinner. Any good ideas for something walking distance? 10 - 15 mins walking is fine by me. We love the fresh local fare thing, but are not picky. What we really want is a great meal, relaxed / fun setting (ie: not stuffy), and we are not too worried about how much it will cost. That being said, I hate spending big bucks and then feeling like the value just was not there. But if the food is spectacular, bill me what you need to.
so.. any ideas?
much appreciated!


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  1. Hi Amanda:

    Biff's is quite an excellent bistro style resto, and is located right at Yonge on Front Street. Failing that, Trevor's is highly rated by my fellow 'hounds (although I myself have never eaten there), but I'm told the acoustics are rather poor.

    If you want something lighter, Jamie Kennedy's Wine Bar on Market Street is quite good. They serve a variety of small plates for sharing, and have a great selection of wines bt the glass.

    Although it's a little farther afield, George is quite good as well. They have a really nice outdoor courtyard as well. They're on Queen Street East.

    Hopefully that gives you something to consider.

    Congrats on the anniversary!

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    1. re: Paula from Toronto

      I would definitely second Paula's suggestion of Jamie Kennedy - small plates, local, very friendly, caual, but smart vibe

      Colborne Lane is another suggestion - gastronomy small plates menu. The food is good; it is on the more expensive side, it's not my favourite place, but it is good

      If you like seafood/shellfish, Starfish (east along Adelaide St near Jarvis) is fantastic! It is one on Mr Cheeze and my favourite places and we often have "date-night" there

      Also, if you like steak (I will likely get flamed for this, but, meh), just south of Front St in Harbour 60. I really like the atmosphere there. Mr Cheeze and I have always been treated well (though there are reports on here about indifferent service) The steaks and sides we find terrific, also the great freebies of cheese, olives, bread are amazing. We find that a tenderloin each and one side is enough for two. The food pricing is not materially worse than other steak houses. HOWEVER, beware the alcohol markups!! Atrocious -- 4-5x markup. We usually end up ordering by the glass to keep the cost down

      Happy anniversary and have fun

    2. Thanks for the replys! We ended up going to Jamie Kennedy's and just loved it. Great food... loved the portion size and the sharing! The wine was delicious of course and the atmosphere was perfect.. Not too fancy, but very "smart" and lots of fun.
      Thanks again! I'll be trying out Biff's and Starfish next.
      xoxo Amanda