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Jul 18, 2008 07:12 AM

Where do you go for good octopus?

Last weekend, I had what might have been the best grilled octopus ever at Cyclades Taverna (a favorite place) in Astoria: char-gilled, plump, and tender. But I love octopus of all varieties, especially grilled a la Greek and in pulpo salad. Any suggestions on the best places to go, downscale and/or upscale? Willing to travel to the outer boroughs. Thanks!

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  1. my favorite is the octopus appetizer from 15 east.

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    1. The Octopus at Casa Mono is good- Whole babies rather than slices. Also Gusto's is good.

      1. the best octopus i've had recently was at tailor on west broome street

        1. I like the octopus appetizer at Gusto. Also like the grilled octopus at Nick's on 9th Avenue. And the polpo with gigantes at ESCA.

          1. The octopus I had at Kellari Taverna was remarkable from what I recall.

            There was actually an interesting article in the Post 2 days ago about octopus in the city and its abundance in different cuisines. Greek does it the best in my opinion.

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              Thanks, I'll check out the Post. I, too, love Kellari's version and agree that Greek octopus is the best.