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Where do you go for good octopus?

Last weekend, I had what might have been the best grilled octopus ever at Cyclades Taverna (a favorite place) in Astoria: char-gilled, plump, and tender. But I love octopus of all varieties, especially grilled a la Greek and in pulpo salad. Any suggestions on the best places to go, downscale and/or upscale? Willing to travel to the outer boroughs. Thanks!

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  1. my favorite is the octopus appetizer from 15 east.

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    1. The Octopus at Casa Mono is good- Whole babies rather than slices. Also Gusto's is good.

      1. the best octopus i've had recently was at tailor on west broome street

        1. I like the octopus appetizer at Gusto. Also like the grilled octopus at Nick's on 9th Avenue. And the polpo with gigantes at ESCA.

          1. The octopus I had at Kellari Taverna was remarkable from what I recall.

            There was actually an interesting article in the Post 2 days ago about octopus in the city and its abundance in different cuisines. Greek does it the best in my opinion.

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              Thanks, I'll check out the Post. I, too, love Kellari's version and agree that Greek octopus is the best.

            2. I have greatly enjoyed octopus at Pylos, Babbo, Esca

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                The octopus appertizer I had at Babbo two weeks ago was 'badly charred'. Half of the tentacles were unedible. And the restaurant wasn't even half full!

              2. I had amazing octopus at Kefi

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                  I agree, I had really good octopus at Kefi. But I saw last weekend that they are moving to a new location soon.

                2. You should post on the outer borough board. But try Spartan Souvlaki in Brooklyn and the new tapas place that opened on Ferry Street in Newark. The top two on my list right now...

                  1. I second Pylos. Delicious,charred,some capers...amazing.

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                    1. Lots of good recommendations...but I like to get my octopus "fix" without having to make reservations :)

                      Try the octopus salad at Margon on 46th between 6th and 7th. And grab a Cubano while you're there!


                      1. I just bought some to grill. Hopefully the best will be at my house!

                        1. EU on 4th St (I think) by B has a grilled octopus appetizer that is out of this world.

                          1. I've tried octopus at about a dozen restaurants of all sorts in the city. Far and away the best I've had was at Periyali. It's an app and it's expensive, but worth it.

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                              I agree. The octopus at Periyali is fantastic. The rest of the food was just OK but i think it's worth going there just to get the octopus.

                            2. I had a great octopus (calmari, actually) dish last week. at Snack Taverna on Bedford St.in the West Village. Sauteed in a buttery broth with lemon, fava beans and lots of garlic. Fantastic!