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Jul 18, 2008 06:41 AM

What happened to Huey's in ATL?

Fellow foodies, what the heck happened to Huey's, (on Peachtree) my beloved supplier of hot delicious beignets and cafe du monde? I dragged a visiting friend across town to Huey's for breakfast and found it closed up. So, what happened, and even more importantly - where do I now get my fix?!?

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  1. I hear the ones at Parish are good.

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    1. re: hillarybrown

      Thanks, Hillary. No info on the demise of Huey?

    2. My husband and I are from New Orleans and we go to get out fix at the Logan Farms Ham place on Windward Parkway. The owners are from LA as well. The do not take on the traditional shape of Beignets, but the flavor is definately there. The owners are very friendly as well.

      1. Sad to hear. We saw it still opened the last time we were there in February. We loved their food when we lived there in the early to mid-80's. Would love to know what happened to it. Parking was awful.