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Jul 18, 2008 06:39 AM

Inexpensive waterfront dining?

I'm looking for a nice place to eat tonight that is outside, has a good view of water and isn't too touristy OR too expensive. My bfriend and I are leaving Boston in a month after living here 2 years and we have never eaten on the harbor. This seems like a shame. Any recommendations??

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  1. My friends just ate at Joe's American Bar and Grill which is on the water. It's not too expensive...not sure if it's touristy as I've never eaten at this location before. However, I enjoyed my one meal at the Dartmouth St. location...nothing special but the food was executed well.

    1. Eastern Pier on Northern Avenue has Hong Kong-style seafood as well as a number of other traditional (and Americanized) dishes. They have a long outdoor deck out back that overlooks the water.

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        eastern pier is one of the very good overlooked spots for waterfront dining. their steamed bass in ginger is lovely, there's even occasionally free parking at one of the 4 or 5 spots right in front of the place, and the waterview is lovely. i think its about the best value for an "in-boston" on the water meal.

      2. Theres a great restaurant, Harborside Grille near Logan Airport. We were flying out and then our flight got changed . We didn't want to go home to return in just a few hours so we stayed @ Hyatt Harborside at Logan. We had breakfast in the Grille and it was amazing. They served us breakfast outside with the sunny weather it was great ! and there is such a great view of the boston skyline and its right on the Boston Harbor. The menu has many options and NOT BAD FOR HOTEL FOOD!! Me and my husband forgot we were in the airport ! It is a nice one... consider it.