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Jul 18, 2008 06:28 AM

Chow near Madrid hotel, on Menorca, and in Barcelona near Ninot market?

Hi-I'll be in Madrid for a few days at the end of August for a meeting. It's out at the IFEMA center, while my hotel is the Hermosa Hermasillo (Hermosilla 23) so I'll be spending a bit of time on the subway... and I need to keep "reasonable" business hours in order to be up and at work by 9 a.m..... so my question is, will I be able to eat at least fairly well in my neighborhood without staying up til 1 a.m.?????
On the day the meeting ends I'm flying to Menorca for a few days before my next meeting (in Barcelona) begins. I'm staying at an agroturismo about 10 km from the main airport ( There aren't many recommendations for Menorca on the board-I'd love to hear any if someone can share. I'll have a car.
Finally, I'll fly to Barcelona, where I have a free day before going back to work. My apartment is around the corner from the Ninot market, although the meeting is at the conference center in Diagonal Mar. I know it's a hike by subway, but last time I stayed right out by the conference center and it was awful-so boring-and NO restaurants! Although I could walk to the meeting I ended up subway-ing it anyway, but at the wrong end of the day-enduring the ride after a big dinner and wine.
So is there anything wonderful in the neighborhood of my apartment? I'm really excited about -it looks darling (
) and I will be cooking a bit as well (can't wait to visit the market!)

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  1. I was on Menorca last week and lunched out a few times. The harbour front restaurants in Cuitadella looked pretty similar and we picked a random one which was just fine. The one at the far end looked pretty superior, but they wanted 79 Euros for the lobster soup! I'm paying for four so that's just too much for a casual family lunch. Fornells felt a bit like a film set to me, but we were there mid morning and I guess that by 2 p.m. the many restaurants on the harbour would all be busy and good. About a mile or so south of Fornells is Ses Salines where we had fantastic food in the easy to find Ses Salines restaurant. Lovely bay view from the dining room and plenty of water activity going on. First courses can run to 20 Euros but you should get away for about 50 a head including drinks.
    The best evening out was in Alaior where they have live music in the little square every Wednesday evening. An outside table at the pizza joint and lashings of industrial red really hit the spot. Easy to find but quite popular so get there pre 8 p.m.
    Parking, by the way, especially in Alaior on Wednesday nights, is a big, big headache across the whole island. If you go to Cuitadella follow the yellow "Port" signs and you will get to the ferry dock which had a large, free, empty car park directly above it. Short stroll into the lovely town.

    1. Hermosilla street is in the Salamanca disctrict and that puts you in the middle of some of the best restaurants in town. You can hit up any of these by 9 or 9:30 and you won't be too lonely. If you go before that you'll eat alone and if you go around 10 you'll go when madrileños go.
      Now, that said, here are some great recommendations near your hotel.
      El Amparo and El Paraguas are two very nice restaurants, in the more upscale side but without being too classy, meaning no jacket required stuff. Both are great restaurants, I slightly prefer El Paraguas since it may be my favorite restaurant in Madrid and definitely the best Asturian food you will get in town.
      Pan de Lujo and Dassa Bassa are also close and on the trendy side.
      For seafood try La Trainera and Combarro. The 1st one is more casual and a Madrid classic.
      For tapas El Rincon de Goya (not the restaurant upstairs but the tapas bar downstairs, they have different entrances.)
      That should cover you in Madrid. If I had one night, I'd go to El Paraguas.