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Jul 18, 2008 06:26 AM

Fulton, MO Trip - Where to eat?

Co-worker and I are headed to Fulton (about 2 hours west of STL) for a week. Need some good places to eat. We are a couple of "seasoned" adults. We are both partial to healthy food, not so much for fried or covered in gravy. Other than that, we'll eat anything. Love a glass of good wine. Always interested in seeking out the small local places and avoid the chains like the plague. Just need dinner spots. Thanks!

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  1. Make the 30 minute drive to Columbia. Sycamore, Murry's, Chris McD's

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    1. re: steveb

      Thanks for taking the time. We'll try these places :)

    2. I think you would really like Bek's on Court Street in downtown Fulton. Here's their website. Check it out, you will like it.

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      1. re: Christine

        Looks great, Christine. Thanks so much. We;ll definititly try it out.

      2. I haven't tried it, but there were a few articles in the local papers last year about a (supposedly) authentic Cuban place that had opened in Fulton called Vila's Restaurant. No promises that it's still open, as in my experience restaurants of all types have a hard time sticking around in some of the smaller towns around mid-Missouri.

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            No recs in Fulton, but we had a good meal in Columbia last week at a new restaurant called Bleu, which is next door to the Tiger Hotel on 8th, just N of the campus. Yes, they do lunch.