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Jul 18, 2008 06:18 AM

NOTL "Hi-Five" for Stone Road Grill

During a food and drink excursion to the penninsula, 3 of us stopped in at the stone road grill for some amazing eats. We loved the food, the creativity, and the chef's riffs on classics;
The 4 of us shared our starters:

Native Cheese plate: Fabulous assortment of 5 local cheeses and cranberry bread (the quebecois french was out of this world)

Charcuterie plate: Never before have we tasted such amazing chicken liver pate, as it was more akin to fois gras and butter than any chix. liver i've ever Also included bresola, a personal fav. and house pickeled stuff (loved it)

Oysters: We got an assortment from out east and it made me an east coast convert..very sweet, nice salinity, and NO creaminess (an ick factor for me)...served with fresh grated horseradish and a very different mingnette...loved it

Pan seared trout in broth atop fava, shrooms, and wild rice- perfectly cooked and seasoned. Excellent shrooms.

Steak and frites: Huge beef Tenderloin (perfect med. rare) with green beans, bernaise (yum) and stellar french fries (served in flower pot)

Lamb 3 ways: excellent sausage, loin, and chop

3 little piggies..pork belly done the way pork belly needs to be done...need i say more?????

sorbet sampler: very good
maple cotton candy: i made little kids jealous as i ate this guilty pleasure...great for sharing..

Reservations were absolutely necessary, as the place was wall to wall packed (on a mondy) Will go back when i return to the area and jealous of those who live near by...this is a destination restaurant.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I am heading to do some wine tastings/tours on Monday, do you think lunch reservations will be necessary?

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      i don't think they're open for lunch, though they do have a take out counter that sells brick oven pizzas but i don't think there's a place to eat it...since we were there on a tuesday night and the place was PACKED, i'm assuming reservations are necessary, though you might be able to find a seat at the bar.

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        They are open for lunch. Ph 905-468-3474.

      2. I found this restaurant late last fall by doing a little digging online before I drove to the Niagara area. I went there with a friend from London England and wanted to have a memorable lunch experience. It was so excellent that I will absolutely return another time, and you're correct - this is truly a destination restaurant. I believe they are still open for lunch, and we found it to be a little quieter at that time. You won't be disappointed. I had some incredible soup (think it was roasted beet if I recall correctly) and the steak frites with some local wine to wash it all down. Really more dinner for lunch, but what the heck! My friend had a salad and the charcuterie plate and was delighted with what she got. They even customized her plate to reflect things she preferred (vs. types of meat she doesn't eat). They have an incredible local wine selection, many of which are from smaller vineyards that aren't commonly sold at the LCBO. Service is extremely good and friendly. Another spot I'd recommend if you're wanting to sample less fussy food in favour or where the locals prefer to eat - go to The Old Winery Restaurant
        located at 2228 Niagara Stone Road. Try the calamari appetizer, which is excellent and plentiful. I tried a pasta dish as my main and enjoyed it thoroughly. Nice atmosphere and good value considering many restaurants in that area don't know what to charge tourists! :
        )Can't wait to return to both spots.