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Jul 18, 2008 05:43 AM

Great Thai in Raleigh

I am a huge fan of Asian foods and think I have found the best Thai in town …

My friend and I happened upon YumYumCuisine the other night on Harrison Avenue to the right of Sam’s Club. What a find! The noodles are homemade and we just couldn't stop eating! And the sauces were just as the name would suggest, yummy! Unfortunately, they don’t get a lot of evening traffic because of the location, so we promised to tell other people.

Looking for a great dinner? Try this place! Please share with your friends and …


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  1. They do pretty well at lunch, but when the hub and I were in last week they gave us a 10% card for dinners and weekends and asked us to bring friends. Really nice people and great food - I live just a couple of miles away and we've been frequently. The only complaint I had was wishing that they'd cook the tofu in the pad thai a little firmer, and when I mentioned it to the owner, she told me just to ask next time and they'd be happy to adjust it to suit my taste.

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      Hmmm, I have mixed feelings about this place. It's a bit cramped (tables too close together), decor is non-existent, and the food is...ok. I've tried several of the currys, all of which I found bland even when 'thai hot' was requested - I don't think they know how to handle requests for heat. Coworkers have tried the pad thai and other noodle dishes, and reported similar results.

      Pros: Cheap, close to RTP, not usually busy

      Con: Food quality/heat/flavor

      I would choose Sawasdee in Raleigh (or even Champas at Brier Creek) any time over this place, but for a quick lunch it's not bad.

      1. re: mgreig

        Tables too close together? Exactly how much space are you looking for? It's a VAST improvement on how many little tables were jammed in there when it was Shanghai Garden.

        You and your friends must also have asbestos tongues. I got pad thai at "two peppers" strength last week and it was more than hot enough. I haven't had the curry though - not a huge curry fan - so can't vouch for it.