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Jul 18, 2008 05:39 AM

Places to eat in Inverness?

We will be in the area the third week of October. Any recommendations?
Any oyster bars, smoked fish joints?

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  1. Although I live in the Orlando area, I'm in Inverness a lot visiting my mother and I have to tell you up front, the dining options are very limited in that town. By far the best upscale restaurant in Inverness is Van der Valk at the Lakeside Country Club. Other than that, for Italian I like La Luna. And that's about it for my recommendations in Inverness. You probably want to drive to the coast to the Crystal River area (about 20 minutes or so from Inverness) where you have many more options, especially for seafood. For a real "old Florida" experience I recommend you check out Pecks Port Cove. Also, there's Charlies' Fish House on Kings Bay (I *think* they have smoked fish) and Oysters gets a lot of good press (haven't been there lately myself). Although the food isn't all that special, the Yardarm on Homosassa River is a fun place to sit, have a drink, and watch the little fellas on Monkey Island -- a local institution.

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      Thanks for the rec.
      We are going there to do a little hunting. Turns out it is the same weekend as the "Cooter Festival". Interesting.

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        In case you're wondering, a "cooter" is a type of turtle native to Florida. I've never been to the Cooter Festival, but here's the Official Web Site -- -- only 96 days until the crowning of Miss Cooter !!

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        While you're in Inverness you should try Stumpknockers downtown....Best seafood in the county.