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Jul 18, 2008 01:07 AM

whats the best eats in mountain vieW, california

You got it right.. where should I be eating In mountain view!

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  1. Our caretakers, er, that is the CH team's slipping . . .

    I see you're in Monterey. I suggest you post this on the SF board. While you're there do a search this board for "Mountain View".

    1. you can try chez tj, which i think got 2 michelin stars, but me thinks it's overrated. i ate there twice. the first time, i had a fabulous tripe dish, but on my second visit, nothing was particularly memorable.

      for everyday sushi, i like sushi tomi on dana. there's also a great ramen place on castro.

      1. You might start here ... reports and websites attached if there are any.

        What is the definition of best eats to you? What price? What cuisine?