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Jul 18, 2008 12:59 AM


I wish I could be more excited. And maybe I will.

Thing is I've tried Bouchon in Las Vegas three times. Twice they lost my reservation, but I got seated nevertheless and though all three meals were good, they could have been, should have been better than good.

Anisette - I've been there at least 1/2 dozen times, maybe more. Anisette doesn't disappoint. Moules Frites - oddly sour tasting at the Bouchon in LV, but perfect at Anisette. Even my date - non-moule eater - was singing it's praises.

I've never dined at the Bouchon in Napa and maybe it's better, after all Mr. Trotter's proximity must have some kind of effect.

So here's a question. Has anyone dined at both Bouchons? Is the Napa venue the better of the two?

Those who have done some double dipping - tell me - what do you think we expect from Bouchon?

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    1. I went to the LV one many years ago, and based on the experience I actually didn't even bother to try the Bouchon at Napa (but did go to the bakery and it was killer). We went to Adhoc instead and it was good, so I suspect proximity to Keller helped a great deal.

      I am not too optimistic about a remotely managed restaurant. The only 'celebrity chef chain restaurant' that didn't disappoint so far was Craft.

      So please tell me that they will have a bakery at the BH location too. I would like to get my hands on some TKO without driving to Napa or LV.

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        There will be a Bouchon Bakery with the Bev Hills outpost. Already part of the announcement.

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          FWIW, I loved my breakfast @Bouchon LV

          I was "severely disappointed" at my meal @Craftsteak LV

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          1. I've been to Napa Bouchon -- it's good (the least exciting between French Luandry and Ad Hoc) -- I agree-- I should be more excited about a Keller restaurant but it's kind of whatever.
            Comme Ca was better

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            1. re: radman123

              Plus this one will be filled with agents and Beverly Hills wannabes.

              1. re: Adsvino

                Beverly hills is just not a location for me to be excited about. And LA is having this wave of french bistros with very good homegrown chef/owners (and with Anisette recently) that it's hard to get excited about a bistro that's somewhat of a chain from someone who probably won't frequent the place much. Places like Craft and BLT steak really haven't caused much of a stir in LA, and these are very good places to eat. I think it's because despite our reputation, we tend to be extremely loyal and genuinely excited about our own homegrown chefs.

                But I'm pretty excited about the bakery. We could always have more places to buy bread and pastries.

              2. re: radman123

                I've eaten at both Yountville and Las Vegas. Both are good, but not great. I've had very mixed service in Yountville, and both times I've been to the LV restaurant, I've had very good service. I definitely will give the new BH restaurant a try, but based on past experiences with Bouchon, I will only expect good to very good, but not great. Sure hope my expectations are exceeded!

                9 W Victoria St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

                Las Vegas Bar
                2343 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704

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