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Jul 17, 2008 11:44 PM

Porto's must try's

I will be trying Portos for the first time (yes how can I call myself a CH?) next week and wish to know the items I must try as I am breaking my diet. I know about the potato balls but what else do I have to sample? I was thinking more about the baked goods but as long as I am there I would not pass up the sandwiches or anything else.

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  1. I adore their pastries with cream cheese and guava. The sweetness of the guava is tempered by the slight tang of the cream cheese--so delicious!

    Congratulations on breaking your diet :)

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    1. re: riceflour

      I second riceflour's mention... those guava pastries... yum, yum.

      1. Also, their regular cheese roll (pastry with cream cheese).
        And personally I really like their meat pies too!


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          1. re: burumun

            I second the recommendation for the cheese rolls! The potato balls are definately a must. I also like their plaintain chips. I remember being overwhelmed ther first time I went to Porto's because there were so many people and good things to try!

          2. Ask them if they have any still-warm chocolate croissants. OMG so sinful, so good.

            Also, their coffee is revelatory. I once put a cafe con leche next to a latte from Fourbucks and had someone try both (blind) and the results were comical -- I'd never actually seen anyone do a spit-take in real life before.

            1. Porto's makes a mean Cuban sandwich. If your going off a diet that's the way to go Ditto on the guava & cream cheese pastries. I just had them last Tuesday.