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Jul 17, 2008 11:28 PM

Hawaiian Luau

Hi There!

I'm helping my friends celebrate their 25th anniversary with a Hawaiian themed dinner. (I know it's cliche, but they had their honeymoon in Hawaii) I already decided that I would make Kalua Pork from the grill and probably some simple grilled salmon.

However, I'm having a difficult time deciding what other dishes (particularly accompanying carbohydrates) to make for the meal. I'm aiming to make all the guests (mostly hardcore Italians) comfortable - so things like Poi, raw fish and other acquired tastes probably wouldn't work well.

What do you think would be appropriate side dishes for this meal? Thanks for all the help!

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  1. You need to make some white rice to go with your grinds!

    Do they sell taro bread/rolls on the mainland??? That could work for some bread.

    Also sweet potatoes (especially Okinawa kind) and mac salad are popular star!ch/carb items.

    Anyways, what are you making for dessert?

    Malama pono!

    1. some other threads on a similar topic may help. i thought of rice. so not much of a contribution. coconut custard pie? (emme has good suggestions, esp. that mango bread sounds great.) here is a recipe that looks good,
      but i'm still looking for one i thought i bookmarked from an indian food blog.

      ah, here it is, with ginger:

      1. mango pudding?

        maybe with shredded fresh coconut on top? mmmmmm good!

        mango coconut ice cream? yowza!

        another mango coconut bread:

        gotta gotta gotta have mai tai drinks! wooohooo.

        look in the index to trader vic's tiki party cookbook on amazon:

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          Thanks so much for recommending the Tiki party cookbook. I browsed through the index and came up with some great ideas for a future party that I'll be hosting. The index was so good, I may just go and buy the book.

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            othervoice. you're welcome! i love trader vic and the amazon "search inside" feature!

            an all things luau decorating site, including essential luau music cd!

        2. Mac salad is a definite. Italians love their pasta! Rice is also an obvious option, whether you choose to make plain white or gussy it up by cooking it with coconut milk and sesame. Sweet rolls like one can get at a Portuguese or Filipino bakery would also work. On the side, perhaps you can try serving seaweed salad, crab salad with jicama, tempura (varied vegetable, perhaps coconut shrimp). For beverages you can play it safe with the Polynesian classics, garnished with orchids and fresh fruit ice cubs, but take a chance on their palates with a dessert of haupia.

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            mmm, crab salad with jicama!

            king's hawaiian (sweet) bread recipe clone:

          2. The luau should have some poi even if not everyone likes it. Let people at least try it.